Pathway To Success: Experience The Starter Kit

If you’ve always wanted to own your own business, now is the time! Amway is setting our new Independent Business Owners up for even greater success, by providing all-new tools that can help you get to work more easily than ever. We call it our Pathway to Success program — and you’ll find great support from Amway and your upline, every step of the way.

The All-New Starter Kit

As a new Amway Independent Business Owner, one of the first things you’ll receive is a Starter Kit. This is a tool that complements your Digital Starter Kit, providing printed materials that you can use to learn about our products — and then educate others! With a few motivational messages and lots of critical sales support, you’ll be encouraged to get started right away.



What’s inside?

The Starter Kit is included with your initial registration, and gives you:

  • A neatly organized folio to store your materials in — designed for easy portability! A Map Your Success Roadmap with clear steps for getting your business up and running.
  • Your Getting Started Guide, a workbook containing all of the most important information you need as you start your new business with Amway. You’ll learn about our Switch, Share, Build methodology and more. Look here whenever you have questions!
  • Product catalogs, so you can discover our exceptional brands and best-selling items.
  • A mini catalog full of the latest promotions and specials to share with your customers.
  • Brochures highlighting the Amway business and explaining rewards earnings.

How will it help you?

Getting off to a great start is important! With support that’s specially designed to give you a quick, simple overview of our business model, you can get on your pathway to success, efficiently and easily!

Get it all – and get your business going!

You can start your own business with the Amway registration fee of just $62! You’ll get access to our Digital Starter Kit right away — and soon after, you’ll receive the printed Starter Kit as well. So you can quickly gain the product knowledge necessary to find your Pathway to Success.

Be your own boss

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