Beauty Editors Wowed by Artistry & YOUTH XTEND

If you’re launching an incredible new anti-aging skincare line you need to get the media in the beauty industry to sit up and take notice, right?

What better way to do that than to bring them directly to the source? That’s exactly what Artistry North America is doing this week.

To help promote launch of the new YOUTH XTEND Serum Concentrate, and the eventual launch of the entire YOUTH XTEND line in September, we flew a group of 20 beauty editors, writers and bloggers to Amway and Artistry’s world headquarters in Ada, Michigan.

Beauty Editors Gather for Dinner with Amway and Artistry Executives

As part of their visit, the group first met with Artistry executives and marketers at a special dinner, then retired to the J.W. Mariott hotel in downtown Grand Rapids for the night.

Thursday morning began with facials and beauty treatments using the YOUTH XTEND line, followed by a presentation on the YOUTH XTEND line from Maud Pansing, Amway’s Vice President of Global Beauty, as well as Jesse Leverett, Senior Research Scientist.

After the presentation, the editors had the chance to tour Amway and Artistry’s research and development labs, beginning with Advanced Imaging Lab.

Chris Masotti, Group Manager for Skincare Product Development led the tour, joined by Jim Mayne, Sr. Principal Scientist for Advanced Imaging.

The group learned how Artistry researchers use 3D imaging technology and the F.A.C.E.S. machines to design better products for all skin types and ethnic groups.

Inside Amway's Advanced Imaging Lab

“We can do a skin prototyping analysis that gets into the different skin types and how they tan and how they burn,” Masotti told the group. ” We can bring all these images  back into the labs and do really robust demographic studies.”

Next, the media group visited the beauty formulation lab with Kelly Holcomb, 20-year veteran Amway employee, and currently Group Manager for Color Cosmetics and Beauty Products.

Under Kelly’s expert instruction, the group had the opportunity to mix foundation colors to a perfect match, and experiment with different color combinations to make a product.

“This is co cool that you get to add all of the effects to it,” said Charu Suri, a freelance beauty writer for

For the next stop on the R & D tour, the group met with Mark White, Senior Principal Packaging Engineer, who explained how Artistry products–including the new YOUTH XTEND line–get their gorgeous shapes, from the tip of the bottle to the last letter on the box.

Product Formulation

Mark talked about how the stunning crescendo packing for the YOUTH XTEND line came to be. “This was a huge program for us,” he said. “We wanted something that when you look at it, you would say ‘that’s Artistry.’”

David Fast in the Bioassay Lab

The last stop on the tour featured the Bioassay Lab, where the media group heard from David Fast, Principal Research Scientists. He explained how different products have unique natural ingredients as part of their origin, including LifeSirt in YOUTH XTEND.

LifeSirt is a botanical extract from the Mediterranean Myrtle plant.

“For YOUTH XTEND we tested the LifeSirt ingredient against all of these assays and found that it had youth extending properties,” said Fast. He went on to explain how the Bioassay lab has a one-of-a-kind partnership with our phytochemical experts at our organic farms in California. This partnership helped find the best, most powerful ingredients for YOUTH XTEND.

Following the tour, I had a chance to talk with some of our guests to gather their impressions.

“The tour was so informative and interesting,” said April Franzino, Beauty Editor at SELF magazine. “I got to see a lot of things I’ve never seen before.”

“I was really surprised and delighted by the science and technology and the extent of the research that goes into product development,” said Laura Kenney, Editor in Chief at

“The F.A.C.E.S. machine is really exciting to me. To see the data story that you’re building with that and better inform what you’re doing,” said Kenney.

Group Photo Outside Amway World Headquarters

After a brief respite to recharge phones and tour-weary bodies, the group posed for a group photo and then headed off to yacht in Saugatuck, then dinner in Holland, Michigan.

Following dinner, the private planes were waiting to whisk our special guests away–right back to New York City and points beyond.

So that’s how you do it. Here at Artistry and Amway we are grateful and fortunate to be able to host the leading beauty media on a trip of this caliber and magnitude.

Be sure to check out the Artistry US facebook page for full photo galleries from the event, and jump into the conversation with @ArtistryBeauty on Twitter with the hashtag #ArtistryPressTrip.

We know you’ll love what you see!

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