3 Ways to Win at Weight Loss In The New Year

Weight Loss Tips

The key to successful long-term weight loss is to find a program that works for your individual lifestyle and needs. And as you make your New Year’s resolutions, there are a few new habits that you can make a part of any weight management program you choose. In fact, making just three simple tips can help ensure your success this year, and beyond.

Drink more water

Drinking plenty of water helps you avoid hunger and dehydration, increases metabolism, and assists in proper body function.

Want to make sure your tap water is clean and safe? Consider a home water treatment system.

Sit less, move more
Weight Management Tips: Move more

“Sitting disease is rampant,” says Sean Foy, M.A., weight management expert. “The average person sits more than seven hours a day, which negatively affects metabolism and overall health.”

At work, set your smartphone to alert you every hour, and stand or stretch for a few minutes. You’ll feel more refreshed and have more energy. At lunchtime, take a 15-minute walk – especially if you have back-to-back meetings all day. Or take one of those meetings outdoors. Many companies have discovered that walk-and-talk meetings are more productive!

Eat more whole foods

Fresh, whole fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, provide health-benefiting phytonutrients and necessary fiber — all while helping you feel full.

Finding the weight management program for you

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You’ll want to seek out a science-based, nutritionally sound program that takes a holistic approach—incorporating a plan for healthy eating and exercise, based on your personal factors. For instance, the BodyKey by Nutrilite program uses a comprehensive assessment based on science to determine the best approach for you.

Above all, remember that making small, consistent changes in your routine can have big effects on your success!

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