Artistry at New York Fashion Week

It’s that time of year again! New York Fashion Week®† (NYFW®†) is around the corner, and there is so much to look forward to at this high-energy event. From runway shows, to celebrity sightings, to glamorous designer outfits, we can’t wait to be part of such a prestigious fashion event!

What is New York Fashion Week®†?

NYFW®† is an incredible event where fashion’s top designers present their upcoming collections in shows. Every year, the city holds two 8-day long Fashion Weeks – one in February and one in September.

Fashion weeks are held in multiple cities around the world each year, with the most influential fashion weeks being held in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. However, the New York event is the largest with more than 230,000 people attend shows during both weeks.

The Next NYFW®†: Artistry™ cosmetics will be there!

Over 60 designers will showcase their Fall/Winter 2017 collections during the next New York Fashion Week®† (February 9-17, 2017).

Artistry™ cosmetics will continue our partnership with designer Pamella Roland as her official 2017 makeup sponsor. On February 10, Artistry™ cosmetics will be gracing the faces of the models in Pamella’s Fall 2017 collection show, in a stunning look by Artistry™ Global Makeup Artist, Rick DiCecca.

Experience the backstage hustle

We’ll give you a peek into the hustle backstage as models prepare to hit the runway on February 10th! And for the first time, we’ll be going LIVE on Facebook®†† on February 10 at 2pm EST! Stay tuned on our Facebook®† page for more details regarding the live event coverage.

Follow Artistry US on Facebook®††, Instagram®††† and Twitter®†††† and Amway US on Instagram®††† for live-coverage.

Artistry™ cosmetics and Pamella Roland

The Artistry™ brand’s partnership with fashion designer Pamella Roland began in 2015 as her official makeup sponsor. Over the years, Artistry™ products have been featured in makeup looks for Pamella’s New York Fashion Week®† runway shows.

Get a glimpse into previous fashion weeks:

Fall 2015

Spring 2016

Fall 2016

Spring 2017

Discover The Beauty of NYFW

Find out more about New York Fashion Week®†, the looks, and Artistry™’s brand presence >


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