Skincare Products Tip: Order Matters

Skin care products

When you invest in advanced skin care products, you want to take advantage of the exceptional benefits they offer. The secret is using them in the right order, to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Guidelines for order

When it comes to using leave-on skincare products, “Think thinnest to thickest,” says Amway Scientist John Scimeca. “When we conduct consumer testing and clinical trials, we follow a very specific order to ensure efficacy and validate claims.”

Order originates in skin science. Skincare targets the epidermis, the outermost surface layers of skin where dead cells can build up and look dry and dull. The epidermis is a protective barrier for the dermis, where precious collagen and elastin thrive. Sloughing dead epidermal cells triggers youthful skin renewal.


Make the most of your skincare routine

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Cleanse to sweep away impurities, exfoliating skin’s surface layer to expose a fresher look below.  Next, replenish with a hydrating toner. “Adding water back into the skin creates passages into deeper surface layers, boosting product effectiveness,” says Scimeca.

We recommend using:


Apply a serum for your top skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dullness. “Serums are the most powerful skincare formulas,” notes Scimeca. “They generally contain the highest concentration of ingredients, technology and efficacy – they’re absolutely essential to any regimen.” Follow with other specialty treatments such as dark spot corrector.

We recommend using:


Seal in treatments with moisturizer. “The goal is 24-hour moisture,” adds Scimeca. “Daytime is about protection, so follow with a sunscreen or use a formula with SPF. Nighttime is about repair, so find one that augments skin regeneration.” You may prefer a lighter moisturizing lotion in warm weather and a heavier cream in colder months.

We recommend using one of the following:

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“Order of use is like a roadmap for your regimen,” concludes Scimeca. “If you don’t follow it, you can’t expect your skincare to deliver optimal benefits.”

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