Skincare Spotlight: 2 Systems For Oily, Summer Skin

If your skin is prone to feeling oily, you know how much worse it can be now, in the peak heat of summertime. To maintain a clean, fresh feeling you need specialized skincare that helps treat the cause of oiliness, without drying out your skin at the surface. And because everyone’s skin is different, you need a solution that’s just right for you.

That’s why Artistry has leveraged scientific discovery to create unique men’s and women’s skincare formulas, specially formulated to control oil even on the hottest days.

Why harsh cleansers make skin more oily

When skin is oily, you may be tempted to use soaps that are formulated to dry it out. But that can make the problem even worse.

Why? Because harsh skin cleansers remove hydration from below the surface — and the skin reacts by creating more oil, with the natural goal of keeping itself hydrated from within.

The solution? A specialized skincare system that helps balance skin’s hydration while reducing oil hydration and helping to eliminate the shine you often see on the surface.

Artistry Hydra-V System for Oily Skin

Artistry Hydra-V

Artistry Hydra-V is a complete system designed to cleanse away makeup and dirt, while leaving skin rehydrated beneath the surface. And the exclusive formula found in Artistry Hydra-V Refreshing Gel helps reduce shine, absorb excess oil throughout the day, and give skin a natural, matte look. The Artistry Hydra-V System works to:


Pure Norwegian fjord water is delivered through our Hydra-V Liposome, releasing hydration deep into skin.


Our Hydra Complex, with nutrient-rich Himalayan pink rock minerals, delivers and helps retain water — and provides nine essential minerals that are important for skin health.


Hydration lasts up to 24 hours, thanks to our Moisturizing Liposome, and Hawaiian acai berries which offer beneficial antioxidants and fatty acids.

Artistry Men

Artistry Men

This simple yet effective skincare system was developed to give men an easy, daily routine that works day and night to cleanse, restore, and renew for noticeably youthful skin. With our exclusive DermaSync complex, Artistry Men products offer a patented, two-phase approach to accommodate men’s unique needs:

Phase one: oil control

Artistry Men helps control overproduction of sebum from the oil glands, so skin looks healthy and renewed — not shiny or dull.

Phase two: moisture management

Exclusive moisturizing ingredients deeply hydrate skin and provide a protective barrier to maintain moisture levels, even while shaving. Skin is instantly smoothed, and fine lines are diminished, for balanced, radiant-looking skin.

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