Diamond Club 2015: Business Meeting on the Golf Course

Diamond Club 2015 enjoying a business meeting at hole 18 in Maui, Hawaii

Day 2 of Diamond Club 2015 was spent the way 9-5ers can only dream about!

Work or play?

If you play golf, you’ve probably thought about it before. “All I have is this conference call this afternoon, I could probably call in and play 9 holes!”

Which works great, until you forget to mute your phone and the ping of your driver blows your cover. Now, not only are you are you struggling with a slice you though you fixed last season, you might be looking for a new job tomorrow.

Diamonds don’t have to choose

Our Amway Diamond IBOs don’t have this problem. In fact, we built a tent ON the golf course for our business meeting!

Business meeting at hole 18

The day started with a golf clinic by LPGA pro Morgan Pressel, where she demonstrated long iron shots and answered questions from the group.

After getting nice and loose on the driving range, our Diamonds sat under the big top on hole 18 and enjoyed presentations from XS co-founder, David Vanderveen and Regional CMO, Jackie Nickel. The meeting ended with a picture of all of the legacy Diamonds in attendance to celebrate 50 years of Diamond Club.

Diamond Club 2015 panelists enjoying a business meeting at hole 18 in Maui, Hawaii

Chief Marketing Officer, Americas and Amway North America, Jackie Nickel with a panel of Diamond Club 2015 attendees

Diamond Club 2015 David Vanderveen, founder of XS Energy Drinks, at the business meeting at hole 18 in Maui, Hawaii

Vice President and General Manager of XS Energy, David Vanderveen

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the course, either golfing the traditional way, or with Frisbees and soccer balls for the family.

Support, smiles, and shade

This event took a TON of support from the Amway staff, and they were all smiles to be outside enjoying a perfect 80 degree day in Maui, Hawaii!

Diamond Club 2015 Amway Event Staff support for the golf and a business meeting in Maui, Hawaii

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