Raising The Bar On Home Water Treatment Standards

We know that drinking water is good for our health. But not all water is safe to drink. How do we know the water we’re actually drinking is clean?

Survey: 63% Concerned About Drinking Water Contaminants

A recent independent survey conducted on behalf of NSF International indicated that 63 percent of Americans are concerned about pharmaceuticals and other contaminants in their drinking water. The new NSF/ANSI standard seeks to provide them some measure of reassurance.

What is NSF International?

NSF International is a global, independent organization that sets standards for product safety and tests and certifies products for compliance.

NSF/ASNI 401 was developed by members of NSF International’s Joint Committee on Drinking Water Treatment and the NSF Task Group on Endocrine Disrupting Compounds and Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in cooperation with other industry, academic and regulatory experts to assure consumers of the performance of water treatment systems.

Setting A New Standard For Water Treatment Devices

The new NSF/ANSI 401 water treatment standard addresses the ability of a water treatment device to remove up to 15 additional potential contaminants from drinking water, including pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter medications, herbicides, and pesticides. These 15 potential contaminants have been identified in published studies as occurring in drinking water.

The First To Be Certified: eSpring

NSF International awarded the eSpring™ Water Treatment System the first certification for removal of all 15 “potential contaminants”  for meeting NSF/ANSI Drinking Water Standards 42, 53, 55B, and 401 requirements – standards recognized worldwide for water quality.

This latest NSF certification is an independent verification of the eSpring brand’s continued performance in effectively reducing even trace levels of contaminants in drinking water. It also provides our customers with a greater sense of confidence and trust – further evidence that they have made a smart choice for their home.

– Mitchell Urbytes, Director of Global Home Brands for Amway

Say Goodbye To Buying Bottled Drinking Water

Clean, Pure Water For Your Family

With its cutting edge, certification winning technology, eSpring is the perfect way for you and your family to enjoy cleaner, clearer, better tasting water right from home.

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