Make This Year Amazing

Made For Amazing

You’re made to do amazing things! You made the choice to start a business, create your goals, plan your dreams and help others make a better life. And Amway is made for you.

How is Amway made for me?

You, Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs), are the center of everything we do. As Amway President Doug DeVos told a group of New Platinum IBOs, “You are in business for yourself, but never by yourself. We are all here to support you.”

With unique methods that impress, investments that lead to amazing results, and product innovations that shine, Amway works hard to help IBOs achieve their dreams.

Are you ready to do amazing things?

This business is meant to fit into your life, not the other way around. So whether you’re running your business full time or on the side, Amway is ready with the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Check out these key dates that will help make your business amazing in 2016 (IBO login required) >

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