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Inside the Amway California Business Center

“People and possibilities” is more than just a mantra for us – it is the meaningful, driving force behind each pillar of our company that never ceases to grow or evolve.

It is also a lens through which Amway looks to empower and support its Independent Business Owners. This is why we continue to make big investments in our IBOs in 2017 to help them start and grow their businesses, enabling individuals to reach unique goals and connect with their customers more meaningfully.

The latest example of this commitment is Amway’s California Business Center (CABC), which opens its doors in Buena Park this week. A dynamic, high-impact experience center, the CABC offers flexible meeting spaces, training and demonstration areas, product and sampling zones, in-store purchasing options for IBOs, which includes Amway’s high quality products from its leading nutrition, beauty and home brands, as well as an Amway historical gallery that celebrates a distinguished legacy. The new Center is just one more touch point offered to help IBOs reach their goals, connect with one another and know that they are in business for themselves, but not by themselves.

A focus on people

Amway IBOs live full lives – both professionally and personally. Such well-rounded individuals are always looking to broaden their experience and knowledge, which we encourage by offering support and resources that present and teach new skills.

Amway Education lets you learn on the go

Aiding in this continued process, the recently revamped Amway Education platform is built on entrepreneurial experience and expertise, with a curriculum specifically designed to help IBOs be more productive from the very start. The training goes beyond educating IBOs about what it takes to be successful with Amway to explore areas important to any business, such as reading body language, communicating across cultures, listening actively and more. Ongoing Amway Education meets IBOs where they are on their journey at every stage, teaching new skills throughout the growth of one’s business.

Physical presence matters

While Amway empowers IBOs to work independently and provides digital tools like a personalized, mobile-friendly website, apps and customer service support in six languages, a physical touch point is also important. A location that serves as a resource and gathering place establishes a sense of community and provides support through experiential, motivational and educational facilities.

A learning area in the Amway California Business Center

To address this need, Amway introduces its newest physical location for IBOs, the California Business Center. In addition to the west coast CABC, the Amway Business Center at Citi Field, opened in 2013, serves New York City and surrounding areas. Both facilities support the many facets of IBO business development, providing dedicated spaces to meet, connect, learn and purchase product while sharing the Amway opportunity with prospective clients.

The Artistry area in the Amway California Business Center

Possibilities evolve

In addition to high tech, state-of-the-art facilities like our CABC, NYBC and Center for Nutrilite Experience, Amway is committed to bringing our IBOs opportunities throughout the year, and in making multi-year investments that help IBOs build credibility for their businesses.

As part of this broad reach, Amway is the first-ever exclusive sponsor of the AFCA Coaches’ Poll, and the exclusive presenting sponsor of the AFCA’s Coaches’ National Championship Trophy. The coaching connection is a natural one for us and the IBOs at the core of our business, as for nearly 60 years we have understood the importance of inspired coaching when it comes to driving success.

The AFCA Coaches' Trophy presented by Amway.

Also bringing our IBOs into the fashion arena, Amway has been the official makeup sponsor for Pamella Roland during New York Fashion Week for the last three years. In this capacity, IBOs and aspiring makeup artists have the unique opportunity to learn from and work alongside Rick DiCecca, global makeup artist for the Artistry™ brand.

IBO Makeup Artists with model

Rewarding, premiere events and recognition are also a large part of our engagement program with IBOs. The culmination of hard work and determination, qualified IBO leaders are invited to events around the world that offer them growth-building ideas, a fresh dose of motivation and the pride of knowing they’ve earned a bit of pampering as reward for a job exceptionally well done.

Amway IBOs at Achievers 2016

Products you love, personalized tools you can count on

Another cornerstone of the Amway business is helping people everywhere discover their potential and achieve their goals by connecting with high quality brands and products. A key element of the new CABC is the facility’s product and sampling zones and in-store purchasing options, where IBOs can interact with our leading brands, including Nutrilite vitamin and mineral dietary supplements, Artistry skin care and cosmetics; and Atmosphere home air treatment systems, among others.

Artistry Signature Color products

Product innovation is a priority for us, which is why Amway continues to be a leader in phytonutrient research, skincare, water and air purification advancement. A team of nearly 1,000 researchers collaborates to create and evolve new products that support IBOs and the needs of their customers, while R&D teams work with outside scientific experts on research.

In this spirit of continued innovation, Amway continues to introduce a number of new products every year. At the end of 2016, customers were introduced to the latest in groundbreaking luxury products with Artistry Supreme LXskincare.

In 2017, Amway delivered the best of nature and science with G&H, bath and body care for the whole family. These are just a sampling of the innovative product lines recently rolled out, with more set to appear in the coming months.

G&H Protect+ products

Amid the variety of products offered with Amway, personalization is key to ensuring that IBOs connect customers with the best solutions. Amway products are geared toward individuals who want to look, feel and live their best, enjoying a healthier, more energized and confident life.

Customized insights, data and tools are at the ready to help IBOs shape consultations with prospective customers, building relationships that are the foundation of strong and growing businesses.

As Amway’s California Business Center opens its doors this week, IBOs are invited to join the celebration and experience the many opportunities and resources Amway offers. Continued success is about more than just an exciting jumping off point. Amway is committed to growth, development and investment with and for its IBOs.

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