Tips from Amway IBO Leaders: Increase Productivity

In this business, you are never alone. You have the independence of a personal business, with the support and network of a global company and community.

Inspired thinkers share their great strategies

Want to grow your Amway business? Follow the lead of those who have already achieved success.

We’ve shared some of their ideas and leadership to inspire you to discover innovative new ways to reach your goals.

Today’s tip comes from Amway independent Business Owners Shivaram Kumar, on how to have a more productive conversation with business prospects.

Shivaram Kumar’s Tips to Increase Productivity

  1. Keep it simple and listen a lot
  2. Leave a meeting 5 minutes before they wish you had left
  3. Use PASS: Products, association, optional system participation, show the plan


The person you are looking at is not necessarily the person you are looking for.

– Shivaram Kumar, Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO)


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