You don’t need to give up your day job: Craig Clickner’s Amway story

Amway IBO Craig Clickner smiles at the camera.

As a successful commercial banker, Craig Clickner was making a steady income. By his family’s standards, he was a success.

“Growing up surrounded by engineers, my definition of success was to go to college, do well and get a good job, which is exactly what I did,” Craig said.

But when one of his promotions came with only a small raise, he began to question that definition.

“I only got a 2-percent raise that year because the holding company didn’t perform well even though I did,” he said. “I realized the corporate world wasn’t going to get me everything I wanted for my life. I needed to diversify.”

An opportunity

While working out at the gym one day, he met an entrepreneur who told him about the low-cost, low-risk Amway opportunity.

“I’m very analytical, so I wasn’t onboard right away,” Craig said. But the research he did showed a successful company with a strong financial picture and little financial risk. “Especially considering I only needed to make a $62 investment to get started, and even that came with a money-back guarantee.”

He also recognized that he didn’t have to quit his day job to try the Amway business, lowering the risk even more.

“I remember thinking, it’s the 21st century, so why limit myself to a plan A or a plan B? I wanted both,” he said. “I could invest an hour a week or full time, whatever fit in my lifestyle. Essentially, it was a business in a box.”

Building a business

He dove in, building his business while continuing his career. A few years later he met his now wife, Carrie, at an Amway event. “We shared a passion for the business and liked the flexibility of having a career and a solid second income,” Craig said. “It was exciting to build something together.”

When they started having children, Craig continued to work as a commercial banker while Carrie ran their Amway business from home with Craig helping on evenings and weekends.

“We didn’t have to put our daughter in daycare or give up our careers,” he said. “We’re working parents but still very present in our child’s life. And we’re been able to bank 100 percent of my salary then because our Amway business took care of our bills. That peace of mind was incredible.”

Succeeding together

They now have two children and both work the Amway business full time. They also keep mentorship and philanthropy at the forefront of their business and are working to establish an endowment for education-based scholarships.

He credits his success to the collaborative Amway business model and the coaching and mentoring he’s received from fellow Amway leaders.

“We only succeed together; that’s the beauty of this platform,” he said. “I’m not in business to make widgets, but to develop and empower people to help themselves.”

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  • Veronica says:

    I love this story about two different personalities who made the business Amway provides us with to build an asset while perusing a career. Then when the Amway business meets your income expectations, you can make Amway your career!

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