SATINIQUE™ Hair Care: New, Improved and Unbelievable

If you’ve been a long-time, loyal fan of SATINIQUE™ products, you’ll want to check out and experience the new and improved formula and feel! The SATINIQUE™ brand rivals the best quality hair care brands on the market. And that makes Danielle Nafte very happy.

Nafte, a second-generation Diamond finds the SATINIQUE™ Collection easy to cross-sell with ARTISTRY™ beauty products. “The advanced formulas are so much better than the old ones,” says Nafte.Color-repair-194x300

The ENERJUVE™ Difference.

Rick DiCecca, Global Makeup Artist for ARTISTRY™ and Expert Hair Stylist for SATINIQUE™ products, says: “The entire SATINIQUE™ Collection contains a wonderful complex of ingredients called the ENERJUVE™ Complex, and Amway owns the patent.”

Developed by Amway scientists, the ENERJUVE™ complex is a positively charged complex that works to correct the negative charge found in damaged hair by:

  • Strengthening lipids
  • Reinforcing creatine
  • Adding smoothing 18-MEA (Methyl eicosanoic acid)

“The ENERJUVE™ Complex does something never before heard of,” says DiCecca. “It helps hair from the inside out, from the cortex to the cuticle.”

In addition to the ENERJUVE™ Complex, SATINIQUE™ hair care formulas contain a signature blend of botanicals and nutrients – from energizing ginseng to rich macadamia nut oil and fortifying B5.

With targeted benefits for all hair types, the SATINIQUE™ Collection unleashes the power and confidence of a good hair day like never before.

Bonus: Available soonSATINIQUE™ styling products, for all of your hair control needs!

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