6 things mom really wants for Mother’s Day

Mom and son color at the kitchen table while dad mops the floor in the background.
Regular mopping, dusting, vacuuming and laundry will help improve indoor air.

Social media, television and magazines are filled with advertisements suggesting gift ideas for Mother’s Day—bath fizzies, chocolate, perfume, flowers, a new book or gift cards for her favorite places or items.

But, it can be difficult for moms to enjoy the pampering if they’re always short on “me time.” Giving the gift of time may be just what she needs. Go ahead and shower her with the traditional gestures of love and affection, but, in addition, free her from some daily obligations.

The level of Zen reached from her day at the spa will evaporate in an instant if she comes home to find no one picked up the slack from her “me time.” And the chocolate will taste better if she’s enjoying it while watching someone else do the work.

Take a good look at what she does each day to make your family run smoothly and see where you can step in.

Carpool queen

If mom manages the family carpool, other driving family members can rearrange their schedules, so she gets a day or two without worrying about everyone else’s appointments and obligations.

A man cooks dinner in the kitchen while a woman enjoys a drink of water and two children sit at the bar drinking juice.

Dinner duty

Is mom the one primarily responsible for putting a meal on the table each night—or at least making one so people can grab it and go when they are flying in and out of the house?

Take it over for the night—all of it—the planning, shopping, preparing and cleanup. It will be one of the best meals she’s ever eaten.

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

In many families, everyone helps out to keep the house clean. For Mother’s Day, everyone else should do a little more. Take a look at what mom does and do it first. Make your goal a tidy house without her even thinking about it.

A dad folds laundry with the help of his two young children. One is sitting in the laundry basket and the other is climbing on the bed.

Laundry, laundry, laundry

(See cleaning above.) Is mom the one in your family who is on a first-name basis with your washing machine? Create a situation where the laundry is magically done before she could even think to ask.

A nag-free week

Moms are often the project managers of the household. Keeping track of everyone else’s responsibilities can be an exhausting mental load.

Each family member should pay attention to what mom asks you to do—over and over and over again—and for Mother’s Day get it done before she asks.

Fill in the blank

Your mom may not do any of these things, but trust us, she is doing something to make everyone else’s life easier. Pay attention, identify it and do it for her.

Gift ideas

Looking for suggestions of gifts she can unwrap and enjoy while you assume some of her responsibilities? We offer a few ways mom can pamper herself here, or you can find some of her other favorite products on the websites for Amway US or Amway Canada.

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