Back to school survival tips for easy mornings

A mom, dad, son and daughter are in the kitchen getting breakfast before school.

As summer winds down, all parents are facing the same challenge: Trying to find that easy transition from months of sleeping in and vacations to alarm clocks, jam-packed calendars and hectic mornings.

We’ve got some tips to smooth out the rough spots.

Get back to a good night routine for school

Staying up late and sleeping in past breakfast are the hallmarks of summer, especially for tweens and teens. But cranky, sleep-deprived kids do not make for easy school mornings. Getting them back on a sleep routine can help.

A few weeks ahead of the first day of school, start sending them to bed a bit earlier each night. If they’re old enough to use an alarm, have them set it a little earlier each morning.

By the time you’re packing backpacks for the first day of school, they should be back on their traditional bedtime and wake-up routine.

A young boy reads on his bed.

Get your back to school supplies early

The last thing you need on a school morning is to find out your forgot a key item your child needs for class.

Use the last days before school starts to double check backpacks, binders, notebooks, supply lists and all the essentials for digital tools like laptops or calculators. Many schools or teachers post yearly supply lists online or provide guidance before classes begin.

If your kids are not too excited about heading back to the classroom, make school supply shopping fun by letting them pick out their favorite folder and notebook colors along with some special stickers or decals to personalize them.

Plan for quick and healthy breakfast ideas

If someone in your family has the time to make homemade omelets, pancakes or french toast each morning, make sure you say thank you. For the rest of us, a plan for quick, healthy breakfasts that your kids will actually eat is a necessity before school starts.

If you can set aside time on the weekend, you can still have those homemade favorites. Prepare large batches and freeze them for easy reheating during the week. Eggs baked in muffin tins are great for easy breakfast sandwiches for kids or adults.

A bowl of oatmeal with fruit sits on a table with an apple showing in the background.

Whole grain items like bread for toast, cereal, frozen waffles, oatmeal or meal bars can be paired with fruit or yogurt for a well-balanced meal.

And keeping an abundance of frozen fruit on hand makes smoothies a quick option and an easy vehicle for added nutrients like spinach, kale or protein, such as Nutrilite™ All Plant Protein Powder.

If you’ve got a child who grumpily avoids breakfast, you can always slip something in their bag as they walk out the door, like a banana or a Nutrilite™ Wellness Bar. The bars provide protein and other nutrients to tide them over to their next meal.

Plan for healthy school lunches

Make sure your kitchen is stocked with all the school lunch staples and nutritious snacks your kids will eat. That last part is key as the most nutritious lunch in the world won’t do them any good if they don’t eat it.

Look for lean lunch meats or other lean proteins on whole grain breads, sliced vegetables, easy-to-eat fruits and whole grain chips or crackers.

Prepping some of those items at the beginning of each week is ideal. At the very least aim for the night before. That’s one less thing to worry about in the morning.

Choose back to school outfits the night before

School mornings will go much more smoothly if everything is where you need it when you wake up.

Ask your kids to lay out their clothing for the next day, ensuring every part is clean and available. That will help avoid any wardrobe emergencies amid the morning scramble.

Have them check their backpacks at night, too, making sure everything inside is ready to go. If there is room in the refrigerator for all the lunch bags or lunchboxes, great. If not, put the nonperishable items in the lunchbox on the counter where it won’t be forgotten and add the rest before they walk out the door.

Woman pouring coffee from French press with Nutrilite Vitamin B in background.

Don’t forget yourself

Handling all this back-to-school wrangling can be a little stressful, but most of these tips work for the adults in the household, too.

And make sure you add your favorite coffee or tea to the back-to-school shopping list, too. Enjoying a quiet cup in the morning before the rest of the family wakes up is a great way to prepare for the morning rush.

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