5 benefits of having a best friend

Best friends take a selfie while using an Artistry mask and sitting on a couch.

Besties are the best – for many more reasons than you probably realize.

Having a good support network is essential for everyone, but having a BFF brings extra rewards.

They’re loyal, thoughtful and reliable, and sometimes they get you gifts out of the blue because “I thought of you when I saw it.”

But they also make you feel good – inside and out. Here are five reasons why your best friend is good for you.

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1. Best friends are good for your health

Experts say a best friend reduces your risk of illness because they have a positive effect on mental and physical health. If someone’s sitting by your side supporting you, it does your mental health good, which improves your physical health.

And when you feel better, you’re less stressed. Several studies about friends and health show that friends help lower your blood pressure, improve dementia, fight depression and even make you live longer.

2. Best friends will be honest

You can tell your best friend anything without fear of judgment. And, if you’re not making the best decisions in your life or if your point of view is stuck in the dark ages, your best friend will tell you—honestly.

Your relationship is strong enough to handle the difficult conversations, whereas others might just keep quiet. They can be a sounding board and help you check yourself with opinions you respect.

They also check you when you’re too hard on yourself, making sure you give yourself a break.

Best friends laugh while talking and sitting on a couch eating popcorn.

3. Best friends are there when you need them

Best friends are at the end of the phone when you text or call to share good news or need a virtual shoulder to cry on.

Moving? Need a ride to the airport? A glass of wine after work? You call your best friend. Or, more likely, you don’t even have to call because they are already there.

4. Best friends just ‘get’ you

You can share one word or look with your bestie and you each know what each of you are thinking, and that is a good feeling. The little inside jokes accumulated over the years are an endless source of smiles, laughter and shared understanding.

And when one of you does something stupid, the other is free to laugh because you know someday the roles will be reversed and laughter will be OK then, too.

Two people kayak in the open water. The shore is seen in the background.

5. Best friends say yes to your adventures

Looking for someone to join you for something new? Your bestie is almost always a ‘yes.’

If you’re stuck in a rut, take a cooking class, try boxing, join a book club or attend an inspiring lecture and bring your BFF along.

Chances are it will result in more smile-inducing memories and inside jokes to laugh about for years to come. Have any more reasons to add to our list? Feel free to let us know in the comments. And read more blogs about healthy living at Amway Connections.

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