Buena Park Today Visits Nutrilite

The Nutrilite headquarters in Buena Park is prominently featured on the Winter 2015 edition video magazine, Buena Park Today.  Host Cathy Baek walks viewers through this edition highlighting some of the events happening in the city, including a visit to our Nutrilite headquarters.

Nutrilite in Buena Park

Nutrilite has been located in Buena Park for over 80 years. With nearly 83,000 residents, Nutrilite is one of the city’s largest employers, according to Joel Rosen, the director of Community Management for Buena Park. Rosen points out the ongoing improvements at Nutrilite, including the addition of a 60,000 square foot building housing scientists and laboratories as well as a new roof-top garden that provides visitors with a farming experience.



Nutrilite – the Facility

The video also features a tour lead by Bob Tully, Guest Experience and Tours Supervisor at the Buena Park Nutrilite facility. Tully leads Baek on a tour of the facility pointing out that 90% of visitors are distributors from more than 80 countries that distribute Nutrilite. The facility shows visitors both what they do and how they do it at Nutrilite.



The Guest Experience

Additionally, the facility holds a theatre for the viewing of videos about their farms around the world, a green house, and located on the roof, a Quonset hut – the very first Nutrilite structure in Buena Park. The building was a manufacturing and research facility as well as home to Nutrilite founder Carl Rehnborg and his wife Edith and son Sam.  Located in the building are artifacts from that time period and a rather interesting device—a scythe with a basket attached to it. The tool kept plants from hitting the ground as they were cut, so that nutrients would not have to be washed away.



No spoilers!

If you want to find out more about the facility and the work they do to bring about the highest quality vitamins and supplements, take your own mini tour of the Nutrilite facility when you watch the video. The discussion starts around 10:30 and lasts about 10 minutes. Enjoy!

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