Control Your Appetite: 5 Tips for This Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the holiday season is officially underway! With so many options to choose from, your plate can quickly wind up as a mountain of delicious foods. Add everyone around you also eating at various times of the day, and avoiding overeating or managing your weight can be a real challenge! (Wait, how many slices of pie did I just eat?!) You’re not alone in this struggle; so before you tuck into Thanksgiving this year, consider these simple ways to help you avoid leaving Thanksgiving weighed down with dining regrets:

1) Eat small meals/healthy-snacks throughout the day

Eating small meals or healthy snacks throughout the day assists in staving off hunger. This can help you avoid overeating, and making rash food choice decisions.

2) Start small

Start with small servings — you can always get seconds later if you’re still hungry.

3) Eat your greens and (whole) grains

  • Get at least two vegetables per plate
  • Select whole grains (like brown rice instead of potatoes) for your starch intake.

Vegetables and whole grains are more satisfying foods, and have fewer calories than those that are filled with sugar or saturated fats.

Tip: Drink Plenty of Water

Your body has a hard time telling the difference between being hungry and dehydrated as they both share many symptoms.

4) Get moving

Take walks before or after big meals. Getting some activity will help you feel better and more in control of your health — and you’ll burn some calories, too.

5) Take control

Enjoy tasty BodyKey Appetite Control Chews with a glass of water before meals, for a proactive approach to promoting healthy digestion, while also keeping your appetite under control.

By staying active, and keeping your appetite in check, you’ll enjoy a happy, healthful holiday with friends and family. We wish you the very best this season!

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