Fast fitness tips for your workday

fitness at work

We all made New Year’s resolutions, but how well are we doing?

Maybe you made some health goals like managing your weight or hitting the gym. Maybe you haven’t been able to make those goals a reality, especially with busy work days, family activities, and the occasional night out with your friends.

We know it’s tough, but it’s not too late to get started! Even if you can’t make it to the gym five days a week, you can still benefit from proven strategies to improve your mood, health, energy, metabolism, and overall fitness while you work.

Coach Sean Foy, a fitness, weight management, and wellness expert, as well as a consultant to the Nutrilite™ brand, offers a few easy ways to stay fit at work and make a positive impact on our health, even when we can’t set aside time for an hour-long workout:

Take ‘burst breaks’

These “micro moves” are done for 1-3 minutes, at or near a desk. Just 10 body weight squats, for example, can improve health and fitness. Simply stand up, sit down, and repeat 10 times. Eight hours equals 80 squats!

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Fidget more

Mom always told you to sit still, right? Sorry, Mom. Studies show that people who move just a little bit throughout the day, by fidgeting or getting up from their desks, significantly improve their health and metabolism. So, instead of emailing or texting a colleague, walk to their office for a face-to-face chat.

Schedule the stairs

Whether you skip up one flight or trek up eight, taking the stairs instead of the elevator revs up metabolism, enhances muscle, tendon, and ligament strength, burns calories, and increases energy.

Eat real foods

Lean protein and colorful fruits and veggies can maximize metabolism, increase energy, enhance mood, help maintain healthy blood sugar, and boost performance and productivity.

Feel the difference

Put Coach Foy’s simple tips into action, and you’ll be one step closer to building a stronger body, business, and life during your workday. And you’ll soon feel the difference!

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