Monday weigh-ins reveal weekend splurges

Shows a woman in stretch pants standing on a bathroom scale in front of a mirror. She is checking her BodyKey SmartLoss app.

People find no shortage of reasons to complain about Mondays. They typically signal the end of your carefree weekend and back to the daily grind of the work week.

But for those who are trying to lose weight, there is one more reason to hate Mondays.

Research shows that when people weigh themselves daily, they record their heaviest weights on Mondays.

This is borne out by data from the BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program, a science-based weight loss program that also asks participants to weigh in each day and record their progress on the free BodyKey SmartLoss™ app.

Blind data aggregated from those entries show that while most people following the program register weight loss during the week, Mondays are typically a spike in the wrong direction.

Plan for cheat days

The reason, of course, is that weekends are often filled with social gatherings and celebrations, causing many people to relax their standards or go all out and have a “cheat day.” And that’s OK, says Kerry Grann, a principal research scientist at Amway who works on BodyKey™ products and programs.

“Consistency is key to weight loss, but we are human and not always able to follow our SmartLoss™ eating plan every single day,” Kerry said. “The most important thing is not to let a day of overeating derail your motivation.”

Get back on track

In fact, seeing that higher number on the scale might be the extra motivation you need to get back on your program.

“If you ate too much on the weekend, work twice as hard on Monday to stay on track,” she said. “Or, if you know a certain event or meal will result in eating too much, plan ahead by trying to eat less at other meals.

BodyKey by Nutrilite™ Meal Replacement Shakes are an easy way to accomplish this,” she said. “Also, remember your free foods and fill up ahead of time.”

Splurge wisely

When you do decide to indulge, make sure it’s something you love so it’s really worth it, and try to make it a smaller portion than usual.

“Then, rather than lying on the couch thinking about what you just ate, grab a friend and go for a walk,” Kerry suggested. “It will optimize your metabolism and help burn off a few of those extra calories.”

A woman's hand holds a phone displaying the SmartLoss graph that is part of the free BodyKey SmartLoss program app.

The BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program uses data entered by participants to build a SmartLoss™ graph, a projection of weight loss for each participant when they follow the program. When your weight registers within the graph’s zone of success, you’ll see green flags all the way.

But if your cheat days or weekend binges take you off that trajectory, your SmartLoss™ graph will signal a yellow warning flag or a red alert flag.

“Your graph tells you how well you are following your SmartLoss™ eating plan, and consistency is key,” Kerry said. “One cheat day here and there may trigger a yellow or red flag, but if you get right back on track, you will see green flags again!”

What is BodyKey SmartLoss?

Want to learn more about the BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program? Visit the BodyKey™ page at The program uses a comprehensive, science-based assessment to determine the best approach for you.

And it’s all delivered through a free smartphone app (find it on iTunes® or Google Play®), making it convenient to stay connected to the program, check and track progress, and get personal guidance from your own digital coach on food and behavior choices.

No purchase is necessary to start the program – happy Monday!

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