Supplements Made Simple: 3 Steps to Your Success

In August of 2015, our Nutrilite products transitioned to all new labels, and many have new names, too!


Supplements Made Simple

It’s a simple concept with a big impact: The easier it is to understand a supplement, the easier it is to use.

By making our labels easier to understand, we’re helping ensure we remain the world’s #1 selling brand of vitamin and dietary supplements (Euromonitor International Limited).

3 Simple Steps to Understand Nutrilite Supplement Products

With 3 easy steps, you can choose the Nutrilite supplements that are right for you!

Step 1: Foundational Nutrition

First, choose one product from each of the following four categories for macronutrients, micronutrients, and phytonutrients.


Targeted Supplements

Next, choose any of our targeted products that address your specific health needs.



Convenience Products

Finally, take your supplement nutrition on–the-go. Try one or more Nutrilite MyPack options and enjoy refreshing vitamin beverage infusers.


Your Guide to Supplements Made Simple

Supplements Made Simple: Foundational Nutrition

Supplements Made Simple: Label Icon Shows Key Benefit

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