Taking care of your environment is good for you

A woman and two of her friends walk on a sandy beach with a rock formation in the background. It is a beautiful, sunny day and they are smiling and laughing.

Your environment affects how you feel. Want proof?

Picture yourself sitting in your home, freshly cleaned, everything in its place. Now, picture yourself in the same spot after several months of no cleaning and with clutter everywhere. Which triggers positive feelings? Which brings anxiety?

What about a clean, sandy beach with rolling waves of clear water and fresh sea air versus a beach filled with dead fish and garbage under a haze of pollution?

“When thinking about your environmental wellness, you need to consider your surroundings, whether it’s your home, your community or the larger world,” said Dr. Keith Randolph, a fellow with Amway Global Discovery.

Your environment and how you interact with it is closely tied to your overall health and wellbeing, which makes it just as important as other aspects of wellness, such as physical, mental and dietary.

Here are some tips to improve your environmental wellness:

Be kind to the environment

Small changes add up! Opt for reusable water bottles rather than plastic. Bring reusable shopping bags to the store. Recycle. Choose environmentally-sensitive cleaning products from companies taking steps to operate sustainably.

Air and water

Make sure the air and water you and those around you breathe and drink is clean and safe. Look for ways to reduce pollution in your community. Consider air and water filters to ensure a clean environment in your home.

Make smart choices

Wear a bike helmet, buckle the seatbelt, drive safely, check the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in your home and avoid dangerous activities. Make choices that will benefit you, not lead to harm.

Your environment includes people

Consider those you interact with regularly and try to surround yourself with positive people who support you and your goals. Alternatively, make sure you are a positive force in others’ environments by being courteous, kind and respectful.

It all goes back to the golden rule, treat others as you want to be treated!

Ongoing research

Environmental wellness is one of the aspects being examined as part of the Wellness Living Laboratory (WELL) at Stanford University.

WELL for Life, funded in part by a $10 million unrestricted gift from Amway, is a first-of-its-kind study analyzing the various components of wellness and their effect on long-term wellness and healthy aging.

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