Well+Good talks about knowing where your vitamins come from

Crews at the Nutrilite certified organic farm in Mexico harvest dried chia for Nutrilite supplements.

Do you ask the same questions about the nutritional supplement you want to buy as you do your fruits and vegetables?

If not, you might want to start, said Registered Dietician and Health Coach Adrienne Dowd.

“Since supplements are not regulated the same way pharmaceuticals are, it’s important to know yours have been tested for quality standards such as identity, potency and contaminants,” Adrienne said.

“Making sure your supplement has been tested and verified for quality can ensure that what is on the label is actually what’s in the bottle.”

Consumers want information

Adrienne’s comments were published on Well+Good through a partnership with Nutrilite. Well+Good is a lifestyle and news site focused on wellness.

Increasingly, consumers are demanding information on the source of the products they buy, like fruits, vegetables, nutritional supplements or other food products.

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If a company is not willingly touting where the plants for their ingredients come from, you might want to ask why, Dowd said.

“Manufacturers that source from quality locations are generally proud to display this information on the label,” she said.

Importance of traceability, transparency

The Nutrilite brand readily shares that information through a website dedicated to highlighting its long history of traceability—knowing exactly what seeds and plants were used to make the ingredients for its products and following them along the path to the final product.

A Nutrilite employee pauses her work filling supplement bottles to smile at the camera.

The brand uses a detailed nine-step process that traces each botanical from the planted seed all the way to the bottle delivered to the consumer. The process includes documenting each person who interacts with the ingredients and product along the way as well as the thousands of tests for performed for safety, quality and effectiveness.

To see more of what Adrienne had to say about the importance of traceability, transparency and rigorous testing, visit the full post at WellandGood.com.

And to learn more about Nutrilite products, visit the website for Amway US.

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