What are you really getting when you buy organic foods?

where organic food comes from

Organic food is everywhere these days – in the produce section and packaged food aisles of most supermarkets, on restaurant menus, at farmers markets and more.

But what, exactly, does the term “organic” mean?

We consulted the organic farming experts at Amway’s Trout Lake Farm, a certified organic farm that is a primary supplier of raw botanical materials used to make ingredients for Nutrilite supplements.

“Organic farmers use agricultural methods without synthetic materials, such as pesticides and antibiotics,” says Danielle Hawkins, Trout Lake Farm manager. “We are promoting diversity and preserving the environment, to create a sustainable future.”

In most regions worldwide, the government or an official agricultural agency establishes guidelines for organic foods, and issues a special seal or label designating a food as being organic.

It’s important to know that when they’re grown in non-organic conditions, some produce ─ such as strawberries, apples, nectarines and peaches ─ retain more pesticides after harvest, so it’s best to choose the organic versions of these fruits.*

On the other hand, sweet corn, avocados and pineapples tend to retain fewer post-harvest pesticides, so you can opt to choose the non-organic versions.*

The bottom line?

  • Choose whole fruits and veggies, in season, whenever possible. For the most part, these are unprocessed and unrefined.
  • Wash all produce before eating.
  • Fruits and vegetables with an outer skin that’s peeled usually have less pesticide residue. For those that do not, choose organically grown versions.

One more tip: A supplement with ingredients derived from plants grown using organic farming methods may be a good addition to one’s diet to help fill nutrient gaps. Consider Nutrilite™ Double X™ with 22 vitamins and minerals, and 20 plant concentrates.

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*According to Danielle Hawkins, Trout Lake Farm Manager

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