3 Steps To Everyday Beauty

1) Even Complexion

Foundation and concealer creates perfected, even skin tone. A sophisticated finish begins with a flawless base. Create a smooth, even complexion with your concealer, foundation, and powder. Find your perfect color match at Amway.com (U.S.) or Amway.ca (Canada) or consult your Amway Independent Business Owner.

2) Define Your Eyes

Eye color shapes and contours. Sweep your lighter tone Artistry Signature Color Eye Shadow Quads shade over entire lid from lash line upwards. Brush on your darker color tone along
crease. Start at the outer eye blending towards the nose, no more than two-thirds of the way across.

Tip: Start with a light layer, gradually add more to build the depth of color you desire.

Eyeliner enhances your natural outline. Define eye shape with Artistry Signature Eyes Automatic Liquid Eyeliner. In one fluid motion, sweep liner one-quarter of the way from your inner eye, along the base of the lashes, to the outer corner of your eye.

Mascara with a flourish of lashes. Add lengthening power with your Artistry Signature Eyes Length & Definition Mascara. Place wand at the base of lashes and gently wiggle the wand, then sweep upwards through lash tips.

3) Complete Your Look With Color

Cheek color illuminates and enlivens. Glide the brush across your Artistry Signature Color Blush, tap off excess. Align center of brush with mid ear at outer cheek. Sweep inward toward the tip of the nose along cheekbone.

Lip color adds the finishing touch. Your Artistry Signature Color Sheer Lipstick completes your look with a confident dash of luxurious color. Apply lipstick over entire lip, press lips together… perfection!

Your Everyday Look is now complete. It’s your simple, three-step, mistake-proof process to a chic, modern look that is natural and perfect for every day.

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