4 Ways to wake up tired winter skin

A young woman applies an Artistry mask on her face.

If you’ve been thinking your skin looks a little dull and lackluster lately, you’re not alone—winter is a brutal time of year for skin.

At this point in the season, the sun-kissed, glowy-skin days of summer are just a memory. In its place we find dull, dry skin thanks to low outdoor humidity and arid indoor heat.

The good news is that it’s almost over. We have some skin care tips to tide you over. Unfortunately, packing on the makeup won’t do much good to ease the problem. Makeup tends to sit on top of dry skin instead of blending in, which only exacerbates the issue.

But you don’t have to overhaul your entire skincare routine to get glowy skin during the cooler months. With just a few tweaks to your regular regimen, you can wake up to refreshed, moisturized skin no matter the weather.

Wake up skin from the inside out

Just like your brain may need that first cup of coffee or tea in the morning to wake you, your skin needs similar encouragement.

Give your face a five-minute massage to get your blood circulating and reduce puffiness after laying down all night. You can find a lot of different techniques online.

In general, gently rub your face in small circles to perk up tired morning skin in just a few minutes. This can be done in the shower or when you apply your favorite serum or moisturizer.

A woman with a ponytail wears an Artistry Signature Select Mask while holding a cup of coffee or tea.

Make friends with your loofah

Dry, flaky skin, especially around your nose, is one of the main culprits when it comes to dull winter skin. In fact, your skin is probably radiant as-is; it’s just hiding under layers of old cells.

If you don’t already exfoliate regularly, now is the time. Gently buff away winter flakes with a damp washcloth while washing your face. Or you can use an exfoliating product, like Artistry Signature Select™ Polishing Mask, which uses sugar cane crystals to exfoliate away dead skin cells.

Hype up your hydration

Parched winter skin occurs because winter air is dry and lacking in moisture. The cure? Add that moisture back into your skin by drinking plenty of water and moisturizing regularly.

Apply moisturizer each morning and evening after cleansing, toning and treating with serum. Need more hydration help? Add an Artistry Signature Select™ Hydrating Mask to help your skin seal in water and stay plump and healthy-looking.

Go light on the makeup

Remember what we said about makeup and dry skin? Powder-based products tend to cling to flakes. So, stick to creamy, moisturizing foundations, such as Hydra V, sheer weightless.

For dewy, glowing skin, apply a tinted moisturizer over your regular moisturizer and blend well for an instantly brighter complexion. For the delicate skin under your eye, try Artistry Hydra-V™ Refreshing Eye Gel Cream.

Fake it ‘til you make it

If your skin still looks a little lackluster, fake a perked-up complexion with a few reinforcements from your makeup bag.

Give your face an instant pick-me-up by choosing bright, cheery shade of lipstick. Dab a cream concealer under your eyes (after moisturizing, of course) to hide those dark circles. Artistry Exact Fit™ Perfecting Concealer – Brightener is perfect for this.

Also, use eyelash primer to make your eyes seem more open and awake. Artistry Studio™ Mascara Base Primer lengthens, thickens and conditions your lashes. Pair it with an eyelash curler and Artistry Studio™ Lash Boosting 3-in-1 Mascara and you’re good to go.

Mascara Base Primer and Lash Boosting 3-in-1 Mascara from the Artistry Studio Bangkok Edition

Go for deep restoration

It’s a good idea to give your skin an intensive treatment every three to four months to maintain healthy looking skin, too.

Consider a treatment like Artistry™ Intensive Skincare 14-Night Restore Program, which targets fine lines and wrinkles, environmental harm, moisture content, skin texture and dullness. It leaves your skin smoother, more hydrated and even-toned with a healthy, youthful-looking glow.

The benefits are comparable to a professional photo-facial skin rejuvenation treatment, but you use it in the comfort of your own home.* Simply add it to your evening skincare routine for two weeks.

Learn more

For a brighter, glowier complexion and to learn more about the products mentioned in this article, visit Amway.com. And look for more skincare tips on Amway Connections for radiant skin year-round.

*Results not equal to surgical/cosmetic procedures.

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