5 Tips to Turn Packing Nightmares into Holiday Dreams

With ever-changing airline policies, and busy daily schedules, packing to travel for the holidays can be a tough task. Whether you’re taking a much-needed vacation, or visiting friends and family, chances are, you’ll need to pack lightly. Turn packing nightmares into holiday daydreams: pack smarter with these 5 tips that will keep you looking confident throughout the holiday!

1) Focus and plan.

Think about past trips — including what you’ve taken, and what you’ve rarely actually used. Then:

  • When you think you know what you need, lay it all out on your bed — and cut that stash in half. Focus on keeping the things that you’re most comfortable wearing.
  • Think about what you actually use at home. If you don’t use it in your normal day-to-day life, you won’t need it on vacation, either.

2) Pick versatile accessories.

Wear a scarf while you travel to keep space free in your luggage, and pack small items like earrings and bracelets in your personal carry-on. With a little variety in these items, you won’t get bored when you have to repeat your clothes.

3) When it comes to cosmetics, think Keep It Simple & Sophisticated (KISS).

No, we don’t have dating advice to offer. Rather, in this case, you can think of “Keep It Simple and Sophisticated” as KISS. Choose a neutral eyeshadow color palette so you can pack just one. That will make it easier to choose just one or two lipsticks or lip glosses as well. Then mix and match to create a variety of looks perfect for any occasion.

4) Simplify your shoes.

Neutral colors work with a lot of looks, maximizing their wardrobe pairing potential. Try to keep your total pairs of shoes to just two.

Space-Saving Tip:

Place shoes at the bottom of your suitcase with small items like underwear tucked around them to maximize space.

5) Rely on miniature toiletries.

These trusty items are easy to fit into the nooks and crannies of any suitcase — and you won’t have to sacrifice the quality you’re used to at home! SATINIQUE offers a complete hair care system that comes with FREE mini shampoos and conditioners in their own reusable travel pouch.

Remember to bring some sunscreen and moisturizer as well, to help protect and soften skin in any climate.

Look Your Best, Wherever Your Travels Take You

With some simple planning, you can look and feel beautiful every day, no matter what your holiday travel plans bring. From Caribbean coastlines to snowcapped peaks, and anywhere in between, a few strategically selected cosmetics and hair products will help you pull off any look with confidence and ease.


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  • Sandy says:

    Great tips! So simplified and essential at the same time. I should try to ‘focus and plan’ (thank you for the advice!). As I travel too much and move from place to place packing is my nightmare. I am not an organized person and always have problems with packing my shoes and make up. My last two-month move to Europe ended with only one pair of shoes in my luggage ( I was wearing the other pair) and half of my cosmetics (my travel makeup bag) forgotten in the airport’s restroom. Thanks for this post!

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