Artistry™ tips: 3 ways to define your brows

The perfect eyebrow shape and shade will beautifully flatter and frame your face. Getting brows just right can be a challenge, though.

From tweezing and filling to lightening and darkening, it’s not always easy to know what’s just right for you.

The makeup professionals at Artistry put together our top three methods for defining brows, and made them simple for you to do at home.

Whatever your face and eye shape, you’ll find a look that’s perfectly suited to you!


Which eyebrow look is for you?

  • To create lift in your brow, apply a light, shimmery shade from an Artistry Signature Color Eye Shadow Quad just under the arch of the brows. This helps define the arch.
  • If you have close set eyes, start the brows a little farther out from the nose.
  • If you have wide-set eyes, start the brows a little closer to the nose.
  • If brows look too dark, select a lighter shade pencil or soften the color after it’s applied by combing the brows to distribute the color.
Perfect Filled In Brows

Perfect filled-in brows

Simple measurements help create the perfect brow every time.

  • Brush the brows up and over in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Use a pencil to mark the starting point, arch point and end point for the brow.
  • Hold the pencil vertically at the inner corner of the eye.
  • The starting point of the brow should be directly above the inner corner of the eye. Mark this with your pencil.
  • Now, place the pencil in a vertical line from the outside edge of the iris to the brow. The highest point of the arch should be on the line. Mark it with your pencil.
  • Angle the pencil from the outer corner of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. This is where the brow should end. Mark with your pencil.
  • Using short, controlled strokes, use the Artistry Automatic EyeBrow Pencil to etch in the brow following your guide.
  • Blend with a brow brush.
Control and shape eye brows

Control and shape brows

Mascara makes a gorgeous brow-tamer.

  • After applying your mascara to your lashes with any Artistry mascara, wipe mascara wand with tissue to remove excess mascara from wand, then sweep the wand through brows to create fullness and definition.
  • If brows need more definition, brush brows up with the brush on the end of the Artistry Automatic EyeBrow Pencil.
  • Fill in any sparse areas to perfect brow shape.

Find the makeup tools you need

With your brows perfected, you can create a perfectly refined look for any occasion! Here is where you can find the products you need.

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