Artistry Tips: Look Brilliant with Lip Gloss

Light Up Lip Gloss

When it comes to your defining your lips, simple, time-saving and easy-to-create looks are essential. But finding the right makeup to pull it off in a few simple steps can be a challenge.

Now you can find the answer for show-stopping shine and sensational color, with the newest lip gloss formula from Artistry™ Cosmetics. And we’ve got the perfect tips for getting the look you’re after.

Lip Gloss for Women on the Move

Light Up Lip Gloss Tips

Artistry Signature Color™ Light Up Lip Gloss is specially designed for ultimate convenience. With an in-cap mini-spotlight and built in mirror, you can create a lasting look, on the go.

Did you know?

Lip glosses help lock in moisture — so your lips stay hydrated all day or night.

When to use Artistry Signature Color™ Light Up Lip Gloss

Going for a clean, casual look? Want to make a bold, colorful impression? Artistry Signature Color™ Light Up Lip Gloss is the perfect go-to choice for practically any occasion.

Try these simple tricks to get the look you want:

For fuller-looking lips

Apply gloss to your lips, then follow with a coordinating lipstick. By placing lipstick over the gloss, you can easily create an illusion of fullness!

For instant shine

Instead of powder, apply a layer of lip gloss over your choice of lipstick. Using a complementary color will keep your look cohesive.

Discover a new favorite

For lips that demand attention, try the latest Artistry lip gloss formula in any (or all) of its eight collectible shades ranging from Pink Nude to Raspberry Kiss.

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