Captivating Lip Color… With a Twist

Walking into the room, they’ll all be asking what lipstick you’re wearing.

New ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR Lipstick delivers color as it was meant to be – luxurious, indulgent, ravishing. Discover why lip color has never before seemed so enviable:

Full Spectrum Color

  • 16 classic shades designed to flatter any skin tone
  • Resists feathering and bleeding
  • Pure pigments for full-impact shades

Sheer Delight

  • 4 sheer shades with the ultimate glossy shine
  • Lightweight formula
  • Packs added protection with SPF 15

Benefits for All

  • Intense hydration for lips that feel soft, smooth and supple
  • Enriched with Vitamin E to protect your lips from damage
  • Revolutionary packaging

Signature Twist-and-Click Packaging

Has a loose cap left you with a lipstick stained handbag?

Forget the mess and worry less with our revolutionary, patented packaging!

“Twist-and-click” technology marries convenience with security by locking your lipstick’s lid into place with ease.

Just put on the lid, listen for the click, and know with confidence that your lipstick will only be coating your lips, and not the inside of your bag.


Your lipstick is more than just a color on your face; it’s a choice, it’s YOUR choice, it’s a story that tells your personal style.

Explore your new wardrobe of colors.

Discover your signature look.

Express yourself.

Let your lips speak volumes, without saying a word.

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