Enlighten Your Look With The Fresh Edge Of Modernity

Artistry spring trend

Longer, brighter, and warmer days have arrived with spring; so, it’s time to update and modernize your everyday makeup with the NEW Limited Edition Artistry™ Modern Icon Collection. Soft-hued pastel shades shimmer and shine for an edgier take on classic spring shades, keeping your look modern and chic, like the icon you are!

Spring is here and so is your new, modern makeup look!

This season we wanted to bring a modern viewpoint to spring’s freshest looks. With crystalline blues, prismatic pinks, expertly shaped brows and glossy lips, you’ll become the new, iconic face of spring.

Statement-making, lustrous looks are a modern way to reflect the mood of the season. The vibrant, shimmering color palette of the collection is highly wearable but offers a fresh edge of color for an iconic look.

  • Rick DiCecca, Artistry Global Makeup Artist

For lips that pop…

Lip Shine

Apply our Limited Edition Artistry Signature Color™ Lip Shine in Fuchsia or Soft Rose. The unique gel formula drenches lips with a gloss-inspired sheen plus the creaminess of a lipstick.

For radiantly illuminated skin…

Highlighting Tint

Use our Limited Edition Artistry Signature Color™ Highlighting Tint! The highlighter will add a healthy glow to the skin while restoring radiance with its creamy formula and precious blend of gold, pink and white 3D pearls.

Bonus Tip! Try a strobing technique by placing the highlighter on the areas of the face where light catches: cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, below the brow bone, in the corners of the eyes, and above the cupid’s bow.

For illuminated eyes…

So Chic

Apply our Limited Edition Artistry Signature Color™ Shimmer Powder Eye Duo to your eyelids alone or blended on top of another color! Your eyes will glisten from the light-reflective blend of crushed pearls.

For brows that wow…

Brow Kit

Use our Limited Edition Artistry Signature Color™ Brow Kit, which includes two powders, one wax, a tweezer, an angled brush, and a spoolie brush. It’s everything you need to achieve bold and defined brows at home and on the go!

Mix, blend, and play with color intensities and discover the fresh edge of color!

Move past the conventional pale pastels that once defined the mood of spring, to a more vibrant, shimmering color scape that doesn’t shy away from statement-making, lustered looks.

Find your new must-haves from the Limited Edition Artistry™ Modern Icon Collection >

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