Eyeliner 101: Which Liner Looks Best With Your Eye Shape?

Eyeliver 101

Every eye shape deserves eyeliner tailored to its uniqueness. Your eyes say so much about you and display how you are feeling. Here, learn which formula works best with your eye shape and how you can apply eyeliner to achieve that perfect look.

(Don’t know which eye shape you have? Discover How to Determine Your Eye Shape).


Smaller Eyes

  • Keep your liner line on the thinner side and very close to your lashes.
  • Too thick of a line can come across raccoon-like and cause the eyes to appear smaller than they are.
  • Either liquid or pencil will work for you!

Bigger Eyes

  • Go for a thicker line when applying your liner.
  • This will help really define the eye and make your lashes appear thicker and fuller!
  • Either liquid or pencil will work for you.

Hooded Eye

  • Make sure you go for for a waterproof liner.
  • Keep the liner close to the roots of your lashes; once applied, look down until the liner is COMPLETELY dry. If you don’t, you risk some serious smudging.

Deep-Set Eyes

  • Instead of using a black or brown liner, try your “complementary” color.
  • If you have green eyes, try violet.
  • If you have brown eyes, blues or violets look great.
  • Bronze looks amazing with blue eyes!

Almond Eyes

  • Use the cat-eye look to your advantage – this look is stunning on almond shaped eyes!
  • Extend your liner, either pencil or liquid, to a subtle (or non-subtle) wing at the end.

Wide-Set Eyes

  • Either formula of liner will work for you.
  • Starting on the inside corners of your lid, start lining with a thicker line and thin it out toward the end.
  • Cat-eye is not your best look, so try and keep the liner inside the lid.

Close-Set Eyes

  • Don’t start your liner all the way to the inside of the lid.
  • Instead, start your liner slightly past the midpoint of your upper lid.
  • Work the liner outward and wing it out at the ends.


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