Artistry Cosmetics: Makeup Brushes 101

Do you ever glance in your makeup bag, or into your vast jarbrush-set-226x300-1 of makeup brushes, and wonder what each of those tiny tools really has the capability of doing? Many brushes come in a set, but they don’t always come with a set of easy-to-understand instructions or a flash of brush knowledge. They can also have multiple uses, which is great for the budget. Let me help you understand your much loved Artistry® brush set.

The Artistry® Brush Set is a must-have. This set includes seven pieces, each with their own specific use:

Powder Brush – This brush is the most well known and loved of all of the brushes, and, according to me, should be in every makeup bag. It should be used to apply any type of powder foundation product. It’s great for loose or pressed powder, has 100% natural bristles and is shaped perfectly to ensure full coverage while keeping a natural look.powder-brush-300x100-2

Blush Brush – This brush has a very specific purpose – applying what can sometimes be tricky and touchy blush. It has 100% natural bristles and is precisely proportioned for defining the cheekbone. It ensures a smooth, natural application of your favorite blush shades.


Eye Shadow Brush – This brush is ideal for all applications of eye shadow. It’s sort of your all-in-one eye brush, designed to blend and contour eye color all in one step. This brush has 100% natural, slightly tapered bristles. This helps for a more blended, soft shadow appearance and makes application easy.


Eye Contour Brush – This brush is necessary if you are a fan of doing multi-layered shadow looks.  This brush is essential in blending deeper shadows into the crease of your lids, enabling dimension without harsh, obvious lines.  It’s also perfect for contouring and blending in corners and for smudging shadow into your lash line for smoky effects.


Eye Brow/Lash Brush – This brush is your brush set’s secret weapon, and is used for both brows and lashes. It’s composed of firm nylon bristles that helps shape and refine your brows. When you are done with your mascara application, work this brush through your lashes to remove mascara clumps and separate lashes. It can help get your lashes and brows in line after a long day, and before a night out.


Lip Brush – This brush is tiny and tapered and allows lipstick or gloss to be applied more precisely to the lips. Using this creates a softer, more natural finish when applying lip color. The nylon bristles provide smooth, even, long-lasting coverage. This is ideal for those who do not like to apply directly from the tube or with their finger.


There you have it! Happy application!

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