NYFW®† September 2016: Behind The Scenes With Artistry™ Products

Artistry Global Makeup Artist, Rick DiCecca

From Frederic Fekkai styling hair, to bloggers like Courtney Kerr and Taye Hansberry getting an exclusive peek behind the scenes, to models and Amway IBO makeup artists working together, New York Fashion Week®† (NYFW®†) was bustling with activity! Artistry™ continued our partnership with Pamella Roland as her official 2016 makeup sponsor. On September 9, the Artistry™ brand graced the faces of models in Pamella’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection show at Pier 59 Studios in New York.

IBO Makeup Artists with model

What Is New York Fashion Week®† (NYFW®†)?

NYFW®† is one of the events where fashion’s top designers present their upcoming collections in shows. New York holds two 8-day long Fashion Weeks every year – one in February, and one in September. More than 230,000 people attend shows as part of the city’s two annual Fashion Weeks.

Artistry Global Makeup Artist, Rick DiCecca

The Artistry™ Look

My S/S ’17 collection is inspired by my travels to places like Positano — it’s relaxed and beachy.

– Pamella Roland

Inspired by the collection, Artistry™ Global Makeup Artist Rick DiCecca created a look using Artistry™ products. He explains, “Spring is lighter and more relaxed, so I’ve created a makeup look that is formal yet feminine.”

The result? A versatile look for a special occasion!

The Look for NYFW

Debuting the pinnacle of rejuvenated beauty

Artistry Supreme LX™ made its debut at New York Fashion Week®†  with makeup artists and media editors alike trying out the luxurious face and eye creams. The creams were used to prep the models faces for the makeup.

Beauty Blogger at NYFW

Beauty blogger Taye Hansberry backstage at NYFW®†  trying out Artistry Supreme LX™.

Rick DiCecca’s Team

Behind the scenes, Rick DiCecca led a group of thirteen Amway IBO makeup artists to help create the look on the models in time to hit the runway. The artists had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills back in August for Rick DiCecca. Their hard work and success at NYFW®† was celebrated with a visit by Steve Van Andel, Chairman of Amway, just before the show began!

Steve Van Andel with IBO Makeup Artists

The event was a huge success for Pamella Roland and the Artistry™ team. Here’s to Fall 2017 NYFW®† and the collections to be shown in the spring!

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