Perfect eye makeup starts with perfect prep

A close-up look at a model's eye makeup: Line up and wing it! Empower eyes with a look that draws instant attention from rush hour to happy hour,and beyond.

No matter what eye makeup look you are aiming for – a sultry smokey eye, a suede matte eye or a bold, winged liner – they should all start with the same preparation, according to Artistry™ Global Makeup Artist Rick DiCecca.

Step one: Cleanser

A clean face is the best foundation for any look, Rick says. Whenever he applies makeup to models, he ensures the skin is super clean – so no makeup can be seen on a cotton pad or wipe.

He recommends a gentle cleanser, like Artistry Hydra-V™ Fresh Foaming Cleanser.

“Also Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel does a great job of creating a fresh palette,” he said.

Step two: Toner

Rick’s go-to toner is Artistry Hydra-V™ Fresh Toner, which conditions and softens the skin while removing any last traces of dirt or makeup.

Toning is key because it prepares to the skin to get the most benefit from any serums or moisturizers that come next.

Artistry Global Makeup Artist Rick DiCecca applies eye makeup to a model.

Step three: Treat & moisturize

After toning, Rick applies Artistry Hydra-V™ Refreshing Eye Gel Cream, a non-greasy gel cream specially designed to help diminish the look of puffiness around the eyes as well as dark circles.

There is a right and wrong way to apply the gel cream, too, Rick said.

“If you’re patting eye cream or gel from the under eye outward, you’re doing it all wrong,” he said. “You should apply the product from the outer eye and move in toward the nose.

“The ocular muscle starts in your nose, goes around your eye and back to your nose. By going from the outside in, you’re coaxing that muscle back in the right direction.”

Don’t forget to apply it up and around the brow, too.

Step four: Base layer

You’re almost ready to create the desired look for your eye! But before you go for the color, start with a layer of concealer and a brush of powder.

“Applying the concealer and loose powder to the eyelids before applying eye shadow creates the perfect surface for your eye makeup to adhere to,” Rick said.

“The long-wear formula of the Artistry Exact Fit™ Perfecting Concealer helps to keep your eye shadow fresh and crease free throughout the day.”

On your way

With those four, easy steps you are well on your way to creating your desired look. Here’s a list of the products Rick recommended and where you can find them:

Or you can check out all Artistry products at!

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  • Yatza says:

    These are amazing tips! I love using the Artistry products and I always prep my face with HydraV to start with a clean slate

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