5 Tips to protect your skin during winter weather

Packages of Artistry skincare products ideal for winter weather laying on heavy snow with twigs.

Skincare is important all year long, but winter has its own special challenges: dry heated rooms, dropping temperatures, biting winds – all of which can lead to dry skin and chapped lips.

And all that cold weather makes you want to take nice long hot showers, which, unfortunately, only adds to the problem by further drying out your skin.

Help your skin survive Mother Nature’s coldest months with these tips:

1. Exfoliate

Try dry exfoliation. Grab a soft brush or dry washcloth and gently brush the skin on your arms, legs and body to remove dead skin cells. Those cells make your skin look dull, and that is the opposite of the look you want to achieve.

For your face, consider an at-home peel for a fast refresher. Using a unique mushroom enzyme, Artistry™ Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel gently and effectively exfoliates your skin, renewing its radiant look in just eight minutes.

Packages of Artistry Advanced Creamy Foam Cleanser, Artistry Advanced Softening Toner and Artistry Youth Xtend Enriching Cream.

2. Don’t skip your steps

There are no shortcuts in proper skincare. It’s important to cleanse, tone, treat and moisturize each day. Switch to a gentle cleanser in the colder months and use lukewarm water so your skin retains its essential oils. A good one to try is Artistry™ Advanced Creamy Foam Cleanser – gentle yet thorough.

Follow that immediately with a skin-loving toner like Artistry™ Advanced Softening Toner. Toners clear away any residue left after cleansing while properly prepping your skin for treatment products. A toner also helps seal in moisture and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and instantly hydrated.

Next up, treat your skin with a quality serum, like Artistry Signature Select™ Personalized Serum with the hydration amplifier. Serums penetrate deep within the skin’s surface layers to repair the appearance of past damage where it’s most needed and give your skin what it needs to face the cold winter weather.

Your skin is craving extra moisture during the winter. Give it what it needs with a powerful overnight product like Artistry Youth Xtend™ Enriching Cream. This hydrating cream boosts skin’s nighttime repair process and dramatically improves moisture levels for softer, smoother skin overnight.

3. Extra eye care

During drier months, fine lines and other aging effects can appear more visible around eyes, so invest in an ultra-hydrating eye cream like Artistry Supreme LX™ Rejuvenating Eye Cream. It’s an anti-aging powerhouse that will help you get more radiant-looking eyes instantly.

4. Sun protection

The sun’s damaging rays don’t have a season; they do their dirty work all year long. Make sure you apply sunscreen regularly, especially if you like winter sports. The glare from the snow will only enhance the potential for damage.

Check your product labels to ensure sun protection. Artistry Youth Xtend™ creams and lotions come with and without SPF.

Four different containers of G&H Nourish Plus Hand Cream by Amway.

5. TLC for your hands and lips

Your hands and lips are extra susceptible to damage because they are more often exposed to the elements. Give them some extra tender-loving care to weather the winter. For your hands, try G&H Nourish+™ Hand Cream, a restorative and nourishing cream that relieves and soothes skin.

To protect your pucker, keep a lip balm handy and reapply frequently. Artistry Studio™ Tinted Lip Balms have a center core infused with hydrating and soothing shea butter, aloe extract, and avocado, grape seed and coconut oils.

They come in three shades and have the added bonus of a pop of color while protecting your lips from winter’s worst!

Embrace the season

With these tips you can embrace the winter wonderland. Here are some helpful links for all the product recommendations:


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