Artistry shows you how to smile worry-free

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Has anything made you smile today? If so, you were celebrating an international holiday whether you knew it or not.

October 5 is World Smile Day, which makes it an ideal time to look for reasons to smile. But really, most any time is right for a smile. And smiles often lead to laughter, which is even better. Research shows laughter relieves stress and soothes tension, and it’s a form of exercise. Laughing for 15 minutes can burn 10-40 calories. Plus, it’s just plain fun!

Expression lines

But like most good things, there are a few drawbacks. Whether from laughing, squinting, smiling or furrowing your brow, we all know one day we’re going to look in the mirror and see expression lines looking back – forehead creases, brow lines, crow’s feet, smile lines and lip lines.

Short of living an emotionless life – and no one wants that – what’s the best way to stop those tell-tale lines from forming in the first place?

“Expression lines are caused by a variety of factors,” explains Artistry™ Senior Research Scientist Jason Rothouse. “Repetitive facial movements, like laughing, smiling or squinting, play a primary role in their formation, but that’s only part of the story.

“Your skin’s plumpness, or hydration levels, and its ability to bounce back, in addition to environmental stressors like sun exposure and pollution, also play a big role. We created Artistry™ Intensive Skincare Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment keeping all those factors in mind.”

A bottle of Artistry Advanced Vitamin C+HA Treatment sits open with it's lid balanced on the top.


Here’s a closer look at the factors causing expression lines:

  • Movement – Over time, repetitive facial expressions overwhelm the skin, keeping it from fully bouncing back, and permanent lines form. Renewing and maintaining skin’s support structure and elasticity is key.
  • Plumpness – This refers to skin’s smooth appearance when it’s fully hydrated. It’s important to add daily hydration with moisturizer. But over time, skin’s ability to produce hyaluronic acid (HA) decreases. Since HA attracts and retains water for skin fullness and volume, using a treatment with this ingredient helps skin stay better hydrated over time.
  • Environmental Stressors – Daily, our skin works to fight off the aging effects of many environmental stressors like sun damage and pollution, as well as wrinkle-inducing free radicals. An antioxidant, like vitamin C, can help neutralize these damaging effects.

“Vitamin C is one of the strongest naturally occurring antioxidants,” Jason said. “Not only does it neutralize free radicals before they cause damage, but it helps strengthen the skin and ensure you’ll maintain a more youthful appearance over time.”

So smile, laugh, cajole or giggle – just make sure to help your skin bounce back!

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