Beautiful skin takes time: A skincare countdown for your big day

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Do you have a special event on your calendar this year? Maybe a wedding, class reunion, quinceañera or major work presentation at a conference?

Wouldn’t it be great if your skin was in tip-top shape before you showed up on your big day? As with most things, preparation is key.

While a regular skincare routine that includes daily sun protection; twice daily cleansing, toning, treating and moisturizing; and exfoliating a few times a week is the best way to consistently maintain beautiful skin, sometimes you need extra measures. We compiled a timeline of things to consider as you countdown to the big ‘X’ on your calendar.

Many skincare treatments take time, so it’s important to start early!

12 months out

Consult a dermatologist. Maybe you see one on the regular, or maybe it’s the first time you’re getting your skin examined, but it’s a good idea to seek professional advice before any major changes to your skincare routine. They can also advise you on any serious skin concerns and treatment options.

Conduct some trial runs. As you consider the rest of your countdown regimen, it’s good to test out any new products or planned treatments like peels, masks or facials to see how your skin reacts. You don’t want to use a mask two days before your event only to have your skin break out in hives.

9 months out

Attack wrinkles. If wrinkles and expression lines are a concern and you don’t already use anti-aging treatments, start now to give them plenty of time to work their magic. Investigate professional retinol treatments and at-home treatments to see which one is for you.

Eat smart and get moving. Eating healthy, taking supplements and drinking plenty of water are great ways to boost the health of your skin. A regular exercise routine allows you to sweat out some toxins, too.

6 months out

Chill out. If you play a crucial role in planning or preparing for your big event, make sure you are taking steps to manage your stress right up until the big day. We all know that one-way stress manifests itself is through blemishes, and that’s the last thing you need.

1 month out

Consider an intensive renewing treatment that boosts your skin’s natural ability to repair any signs of damage. These treatments also result in smoother, more hydrated skin with a youthful glow.

1 week out

Treat yourself. Consider a professional massage and facial. It will plump up your skin and destress your psyche.

Get some Zs. Sleep is key to beautiful skin. Watch your caffeine intake, keep up your regular exercise and stay on a bedtime routine so you get your daily dose of dozing.

1 day out

Use your favorite hydrating mask to ensure your skin is happy and hydrated when you wake up.

The big day!

Smile, you made it! Then move on to your trusty routine of cleansing, toning, treating and moisturizing. And don’t forget the sunscreen – especially if your event is outside.

You look fabulous – go be a superstar!


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