5 gift ideas for the beauty fan in your life

An open jar of Artistry Signature Select Hydrating Mask sits on a white dish near a lit candle. A book and reading glasses are nearby.

Does your holiday gift list include someone who adores beauty products?

From amateur makeup artists to self-proclaimed self-care gurus, we have some gift ideas that will be sure to spark some joy!

7-minutes of self-care

Give the gift of 7 minutes of self-care when you give someone Artistry Signature Select™ face masks. The mix-and-match collection consists of five masks that target different skin concerns: firming, purifying, brightening, hydrating and polishing.

People can multimask by using different masks on different areas of their face. And each is left on for 7 minutes, which means that 7 minutes can be all theirs. Sure, they can rush around and get other things done in 7 minutes. But encourage your gift recipient to use the time to focus on them: Grab a book, light a candle, put on their favorite podcast or music and just relax.

A woman with dark, curly hair demonstrates Artistry Studio Eye Look Rested de-puffer pads while holding the jar.Bright eyes

Holidays often have people staying up late to get everything done and that lack of sleep can result in puffy eyes and dark circles. Do you know someone who never seems to rest?

Give them a jar of Artistry Studio™ Eye Look Rested De-Puffer + Brightener. These serum-infused pillow masks cool down puffiness and recharge skin so that your eyes appear brighter and rested.

They also hydrate the eye area and are paraben-free. For your eyes, it’s like getting a great night’s sleep in 5-10 minutes. Perfect for your favorite night owl.

A bubble bath for their face

As an alternative to the relaxing mask experience, consider giving Artistry Studio™ Every Day I’m Bubblin’ Cleanser + Skin Invigorator scented sheet masks, which energize the skin and senses.

Why are they “bubblin’”? Because each sheet contains carbonated, effervescing bubbles that immediately start to self-foam.

When the sheet mask is smoothed over the face after a regular cleansing routine, the recipient will immediately feel the bubbles as it works to cleanse pores and built-up impurities. Each pack includes three masks, a lavender scented one and two rose scented.

A woman with long, dark hair holds up a tube of Artistry Studio Pampered Pout Lip Mask.

Healthy lips

Whether it’s the biting cold outside or the dry heat inside, lips can use some extra TLC this season, which means lip care makes a great holiday gift.

Go beyond the basic balm with Artistry Studio™ Pampered Pout Lip Balm + Overnight Mask. With shea butter and starfruit nectar, this will instantly soften, plump and smooth lips and relieve dryness. And, when left on overnight as in intense lip mask, it conditions lips and restores moisture.

Skin care for the whole body

Why should your face get all the attention when your skin covers your entire body? Help someone else give their skin the care it deserves with a collection of Artistry Signature Select™ body products.

The complete Artistry Signature Select Body Care collection lies flat on a white surface surrounded by botanicals used for their key ingredients.

The new collection features five products:

  • Purifying Body Cleanser cleanses skin from impurities
  • Polishing Body Scrub polishes dull dry skin for a smoother, healthier look
  • Hydrating Body Gel delivers moisture where and when skin needs it most
  • Brightening Body Cream reveals skin’s healthy-looking radiance
  • Firming Lotion keeps skin looking firm and tight

They each work on their own, making great individual gifts. But they also work in combination to take your skin care routine to the next level.

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These ideas should be enough to put a big dent in your gift list. It’s OK to include yourself on your list, too. Go ahead, get some to give and some to keep!

To learn more about these products and others that are sure to make someone happy, visit Amway US or Amway Canada.

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