Mix and match new Artistry masks for #multimasking fun

A smiling woman holds up four jars of Artistry Signature Select Masks. She has applied them to different parts of her face as she multimasks.

Faced with increasingly busy lives, many of us have learned the art of multitasking. We finish a work project while checking email while confirming details about our schedule and our family’s schedule for the next day.

So, when we find a skincare treatment that makes us feel great and works as hard as we do to make us look better – #respect. Enter the five new Artistry Signature Select™ Masks that allow you to #multimask while you multitask.

Each mask in the collection is formulated to target a different skincare need—hydration, exfoliation, deep cleaning, firming or brightening. And all of them are infused with Nutrilite™-sourced phytonutrients and botanicals.

The inside of a woman's wrist is shown on the right with purple, green and yellow swaths of the new Artistry Signature Select Masks on it. The jars of the polishing mask, purifying mask and hydrating mask are shown on the left.

DIY mask combos

Even better, this collection is the first one designed to allow users to combine different masks to create a customized facial treatment to match their individual skin needs. The ability to mix and match puts an end to the one-size-fits-all skincare masks.

“These masks work brilliantly on their own or in combination for visibly more beautiful skin, wrapped in a unique sensory experience,” Artistry™ Senior Brand Manager Marisa Grossnickle said. “Each formula was perfected by Artistry skincare experts to be effective and enjoyable when used alone, or in combination on different zones of the face.”

Multiple combinations

The collection’s five different masks offer the opportunity to mix and match more than 25 combinations for your face. You can multimask by using different formulas at the same time, or using them on different days as part of a multi-day routine.

Do you have an oily T-zone but dry spots on your cheeks? Smooth the green Artistry Signature Select Hydration Mask on those rough spots while using the yellow purifying mask to deep-clean your T-zone.

Or, wake up your complexion early in the week with the white Artistry Signature Select Brightening Mask featuring white chia seed extract and jojoba beads. A few days later, you might notice a little sagging along your jawline and reach for the red firming mask, which creates a delightful warming sensation as it transforms from a gel to a cream while you massage it on your face.

A young woman sits in bed applying Artistry Signature Select Masks to her face while holding a compact mirror. Her multimask selections are on the bed next to her makeup kit.

Pro tips

Just like with any skincare routine, there are a few tricks to get the most out of these masks. The best time to apply the masks is right after you step out of the shower or wash your face—the warm water opens your pores and preps your skin to soak in the botanical-infused formulas.

Also, be sure to spend an extra minute or two massaging your skin when you apply and remove your mask. This amps up the exfoliating benefits and increases the circulation in your skin. When applying, do not mix the different masks on your face and make sure to avoid your eyes.

Learn more

Whichever mask combination you choose, know that you’ve found a facial care collection that is as individual as your own skin. And stay tuned for some multimasking recipes designed by the Artistry team.

To learn more about the new Artistry mask collection, visit the websites for Amway US or Amway Canada.


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