Real People, Refreshing Results: Artistry Hydra-V

The new Artistry Hydra-V collection is the latest development in advanced skincare, providing a whole new level of deep hydration to refresh and renew your skin—all year round!

Revolutionary Technology Brings Results

Inspired by Nobel Prize-winning research, Hydra-V technology is about transporting water between skin cells and keeping it in, so skin stays evenly hydrated.

To achieve these goals, Hydra-V includes the most rare and precious ingredients including:

  • Pure Norwegian fjord water – To infuse hydration deep into surface skin cells
  • Himalayan Pink Rock Minerals – To replenish the skin to help improve water transportation, storage and retention
  • Hawaiian Acai extract – To lock water in for lasting hydration and promote a strong moisture barrier

With these ingredients, skin looks and feels softer and smoother. And what’s more, the system is customizable to skin type! So if you have combination skin, oily skin, or dry skin, there’s a system designed for your specific needs.

Not certain about the power of Hydra-V?

Here’s how the new system has helped people—just like you!

Kristen Myers: Found My New Line

“It makes me feel beautiful to just be me!”

Discover how the hydrating technology helped Kristen gain confidence in her beauty:


Carmen Dilone: Smart

“This product nourishes your skin.”

Learn why Carmen considers her switch to Hydra-V smart:

Jacqueline Guillen: Confidence

“I could see the glow right away!”

See Jacqueline’s story and why Hydra-V increased her confidence:

Emily Matthews: I Deserve It

“My skin feels nourished, really hydrated!”

See why Emily considers the nourishing power of Hydra-V is a treat for her skin:

Janel Dowling: Great Experience

“It makes me feel vibrant!”

Find out why Janel feels more beautiful after using the new system:

Amanda Akinee: Best Decision

“My skin was revived!”

Learn why Amanda’s switch to Hydra-V was one the best decisions she’s ever made:

Veni Jagnanan: Life Is Easier

“It just brings my skin to life!”

Find out how Artistry Hydra-V makes Veni’s life easier:

Reggie Raphael: Awesome

“It takes away the puffiness!”

Learn why Reggie uses Artistry Hydra-V Refreshing Eye Gel Cream with Artistry Men:

Daisy Monsalve: Worth The Investment

“It felt like it was quenching my skin’s thirst.”

Find out why Daisy considers her switch to the new system worth the investment:

Brie Dixon: Game Over

“My skin stays matte, all day long!”

Learn why Brie considers her switch to Hydra-V an upgrade from her previous routine:

Melissa Polito: Exciting

“It felt refreshing!”

Find out why Melissa was excited for the refreshing switch to Hydra-V!

Donisia DeCicco: Best Decision

“It just gave you such a clean feeling!”

Learn why the new skincare system helps Donisia feel good about herself!

Discover the system for you

For dry skin>

For oily skin>

For combination-to-normal skin>

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