Skincare 101: What is a serum?

A jar of Artistry Hydra-V Replenishing Moisture Cream and a bottle of Artistry Signature Select Personalized Serum sit on a small white tray on a marble counter.

A serum supercharges any skincare routine. Applied before a moisturizer, this hero product is best known for having the highest concentration of powerful ingredients, penetrating deep within the skin’s surface layers to repair the appearance of past damage where it is most needed.

Amway Skin Health Expert Dr. Sumita Butani explains the importance of adding serums to your daily skincare regimen and how they complement your daily moisturizer.

Personalized needs

The Artistry™ brand is built around an empowering philosophy – to provide skincare, makeup, and beauty solutions that work for each woman’s specific, needs – so every woman can discover, own and celebrate her individual beauty.

“Each woman is an individual like no other, a self-made work of art.”

 –Artistry founder, Edith Rehnborg

The new Artistry Signature Select™ Personalized Serum is the latest collection developed to support the truly personalized skincare approach of the Artistry brand. It represents the future of skincare, recognizing the need for personalized solutions that address each woman’s unique concerns.

Why personalized serums?

Every woman’s skin is unique, and no one understands skin better than Artistry. After analyzing over 32,000 faces, Artistry researchers created their most powerful and personalized serum ever.

Artistry Signature Select™ Personalized Serum allows you to experience the power of up to three serums in one when you select the specific amplifiers designed for your skin concerns.

Get the app

Need help deciding what your skin needs? Download the Artistry Beauty App today on your iOS or Android device. It will help you assess your skin and determine which serum mix is best for you!

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