No Sleep Beauty Fix: 5-Minute Wonder

Oh, hello there sleep-deprived mamas! I feel your pain. New mamas, mamas to toddlers, to teenagers… no matter what age group your “babies” fall into, there will be nights your lids lack the proper shut-eye to wake up looking refreshed and resplendent. Good morning under-eye bags, rough, chapped lips, and droopy lids. In fact, I woke up with those very beautiful lack-of-sleep symptoms this very morning!

It may be challenging to get proper beauty rest, but it’s pretty easy to fake it until you wake it with some super quick, super effective tips, with little to no product needed. Set the timer. Ready…. Go!

Add some moisture!

You may be thinking of splashing some cold water on your face first, but the moisture that will throw some glow back into your complexion and help protect you from environmental stresses and give you all-day moisture is our Artistry Youth Xtend™ Protection Lotion. Keep your eyes peeled for The Artistry Ideal Radiance™ Collection coming soon, too!

Slough away dull, dry skin.

What could possibly be more embarrassing than realizing after a meeting that your lips appear as though you enjoyed a powdered doughnut? Keep your lips free of dry, dull skin with this simple trick: Wet a clean toothbrush with warm water, then gently exfoliate in a circular motion. Your lips will be flake-free and rosy in just seconds.

Apply a hint of tint.

Never lose the glow of motherhood you are entitled to. Look as if your skin just radiates naturally with a tinted

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moisturizer that blends well into your skin. Moisturizer with a tint of color just a shade above your own will give you a healthy, dewy appearance and just the right amount of coverage – not to mention it’s easier (and faster) to apply than foundation.

Conceal is to heal.

You’re not covering up – you are just saving face – when you dab a little fool-proof concealer to your under eye with your ring finger. Just swipe, swipe, tap under your eyes, along the inside of the eye, your nose, and then tap gently to blend. Bye-bye, under-eye bags!

Bright eyes, big lashes.

Curl those lashes and swipe on a quick coat of your favorite mascara. One coat is all you need to instantly widen those sleepy peepers.

And, time’s up! I bet you look refreshed and ready for the day, even if you aren’t “feeling it” yet.

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