Superior Skincare from Artistry

Whether you’ve loved Artistry skincare products for years, or you’re just learning about them for the first time, you’ll find our latest addition — the Supreme LX Collection — provides a solution for every need.

Whether you’re most concerned about hydration, anti-aging, skin radiance, or rejuvenation, there’s an Artistry line for you. And Supreme LX goes a step further, addressing all of these requirements in a single, exclusive formula.

The Latest in Luxurious Skincare

The Artistry Supreme LX Collection features effective, precious ingredients to help jump-start skin’s natural regenerative processes. Your skin will quickly see the benefits of:

  • Stem cells from the Gardenia Grandiflora, a precious flower with regenerative properties, and known to thrive in harsh climates
  • CellEffect 24 Complex — a next-generation blend that helps restore skin’s natural, 24-hour cycle, so it can effectively protect itself during the day, and replenish itself at night
  • 24 karat gold, included as an ingredient of CellEffect 24 Complex, to diffuse light and help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

The unique combination of these key ingredients means you get the ultimate benefits, with skin that looks and acts up to 15 years younger!

Discover Supreme LX and more

Find the Artistry advanced skincare collection that’s right for you and your most important skincare needs — and discover all that the new Supreme LX can do for you:


Discover the beauty you deserve

Restore your youthful beauty with skin that is hydrated, radiant, and replenished. Whether you choose ultimate benefits from the Supreme LX Collection, or the targeted advantages of our other scientifically advanced lines, forward beauty starts here.

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