Supreme LX and the Gardenia Grandiflora


The Gardenia Grandiflora defies time and flourishes in even the harshest natural elements. In virtually any conditions, it remains beautiful and radiant. And now, the powers of this exotic flower have been harnessed and blended with cutting edge technology to deliver age-defying beauty for you.

The ultimate in luxury skincare delivers ultimate benefits: skin that is protected, replenished, and renewed — to lift skin from dull to luminous, and restore its natural process of regeneration.

Why this natural process matters

As you age, skin cells begin to regenerate at a slower pace. When biorhythms are out of sync, it leads to visible and invisible signs of skin aging. To keep skin looking and acting younger, you need advanced care that can re-invigorate this process.

The Power of Regeneration


Working with a leader in stem cell technology, Artistry researchers obtained Gardenia Grandiflora Stem Cell Extracts using an environmentally sensitive and highly sustainable harvesting process. These stem cell extracts work on a molecular level to help restore skin’s biorhythms.

Artistry scientists have shown that these high efficacy Gardenia Grandiflora Stem Cell Extracts help skin cells resynchronize, so the functions of repair and protection occur when skin needs them most, optimizing their effectiveness. As precursors to all the other cells that make up a plant, stem cells possess properties that make them ideal as an anti-aging ingredient because they are the origin of plant vitality, and they never age.

The Stem Cell Extracts from Gardenia Grandiflora were found to help skin get back in sync, by helping reset skin’s natural biorhythms. Now they are key to the exclusive Artistry Supreme LX Collection.

Sustainable Use

To prevent the depletion of this rare plant in the wild, an exclusive environmentally sensitive, highly sustainable biotechnical process was developed to selectively harvest the Stem Cells and carefully cultivate them under rigorously controlled conditions.

Discover Luxurious Skincare

The Supreme LX Collection takes skincare to a whole new level. Transform your skin from dull, rough, and aging to rejuvenated, replenished, and youthful-looking. Learn more about these exclusive Artistry formulas, and experience the power of the Gardenia Grandiflora!


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