The Key To Beautiful, Healthy-Looking Skin

When it comes to beautiful, healthy-looking skin, hydration is the key. Yet all types of skin — including dry, combination, and oily — can become dehydrated.

That’s because achieving balanced hydration isn’t about managing natural oils. It’s about managing skin’s water content. And the Artistry Hydra-V collection leverages Nobel Prize-winning research to help you do just that.

Lock in Moisture

Just as drinking water refreshes and hydrates your body from the inside out, Artistry Hydra-V skincare deeply hydrates skin from the outside in! By transporting water between skin cells, and then retaining it, this exclusive formula, featuring Hydra Complex, provides results with just one application.

The result? Skin that is refreshed, replenished, and revitalized for up to 24 hours.

Instant Hydration

Artistry Hydra-V Vital Skin Serum Concentrate alone helps to hydrate skin instantly, with proven results:

    • 184% immediate boost in hydration
    • Healthier skin in just 3 days
    • Just 28 days of use needed for a clinically measured significant improvement in skin texture*

*When the Vital Skin Serum Concentrate is used with the Nourishing Gel Cream

Understanding the Science Behind Artistry Hydra-V

To give you a better understanding of just how the Hydra-V collection works, we’ve created a convenient reference guide. In it, you’ll learn the science behind Hydra-V, and discover how three rare ingredients — Norwegian fjord water, Himalayan pink rock minerals, and our exclusive Moisturizing Liposome — work together to refresh, replenish, and revitalize skin.


Discover Hydra-V

You’ll also be introduced to three Artistry Hydra-V skincare systems designed to meet the unique needs of all skin types. And you’ll find out what each specialized formula can do. From cleansing and toning to instant hydration, there’s a Hydra-V product and system that’s sure to work for you.

Find Your Hydra-V

Learn more about the science behind the Artistry Hydra-V collection — and find the system to address your biggest skincare concerns.

Discover the Hydra-V reference guide now >

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