Discover The Secret To Captivating Skin: Truvivity by Nutrilite™ Supplements

Beauty is an expression that begins from within. That’s the idea behind a new collection of beauty-focused supplements built on the science, technology and innovation of the Nutrilite™ brand, a world –renowned leader in supplement science and the Artistry™ skin care and cosmetics brand.

Introducing Truvivity by Nutrilite — an innovative moisture enhancing supplement that works from within.

What’s unique about Truvivity by Nutrilite supplement?

The Truvivity™ supplement offers an innovative, dietary supplement approach to supporting healthy skin with a silkier softness and smoother surface with simple additions to your daily routine: daytime hydrating powder drinks and nighttime moisturizing supplements. Together, Truvivity™ supplements provide your body with nutrients that help boost and protect your skin’s moisture — delivering beautiful results and these benefits:

  • improved skin barrier function†
  • collagen support for moisturized skin†

The Best of Science, and the Best of Nature — for beauty that’s beyond skin deep

Truvivity ingredients

To reveal the beauty you desire, the Truvivity™ moisturizing supplement features two exclusive, nutrient-rich ingredient blends:

Phystora™ Complex

A unique blend of Wolfberry Extract, Rose Hip Extract, and Grape Seed Extract. This blend has been patented for use in a supplement designed to help support skin moisture.

PhytoCeramide Complex

An innovative, skin-moisturizing technology that helps nourish dry skin cells and boost skin hydration from within. Clinical research has shown that the wheat ceramides included in the PhytoCeramide Complex in Truvivity by Nutrilite™ Truaqua™ Dietary Supplement can help improve skin barrier function, so the skin can retain more moisture.†

The Truvivity by Nutrilite Hydrating System

Truvivity By Nutrilite Hydrating System

The Truvivity collection includes:

Truvivity by Nutrilite TruAqua Dietary Supplement

A daily skin complex consisting of two tablets, the beauty supplement is designed to enhance and protect skin moisture to support healthy skin.†

Truvivity by Nutrilite TruAqua Powder Drink

This daily supplement mixes with water for a refreshing grapefruit flavor. You’ll get a boost of hydration that helps support the maintenance of skin moisture, while providing antioxidant protection. The Truvivity™ powder drink contains:

  • Our exclusive Cranberry Extract, which is high in polyphenols — an antioxidant which may assist in the protection against skin damaging free radicals
  • Acerola Cherry Extract — one of the world’s most concentrated sources of vitamin C

It makes a delicious, refreshing natural grapefruit flavor drink you can enjoy throughout your day.

Discover a whole new way to support healthy, beautiful skin

Outside beauty begins on the inside. Nourish your body and your skin with the hydrating and moisture-protecting ingredients in Truvivity™ moisturizing supplement. It’s a rejuvenating addition to your beauty routine.

Experience the Truvivity™ by Nutrilite Hydrating System >

† This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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