FDA Giving More Attention To Dietary Supplements

What’s in your supplement? It isn’t always clear. But when it comes to your health—you have a right to know. That’s why Nutrilite is committed to monitoring its products from seed to supplement, getting involved in every step of the ingredient process.

Now the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) wants to get involved, too.

How the FDA wants to help

The FDA announced increased attention to dietary supplements through creation of the new FDA Office of Dietary Supplements Program. This gives the Office of Dietary Supplements a chance to compete for government sources and capabilities.

What this means for consumers

By keeping those products off of the market, consumers will be better protected from tainted supplements and false claims.

It will increase attention, enforcement and quality control expectations for the supplements industry.

The good news for Nutrilite

Our industry sees this as a positive move, as it could potentially result in more resources for enforcement against bad actors that are marketing products tainted with anabolic steroids or drugs as dietary supplements,” said Michelle Stout, Director of Regulatory Policy and Intelligence at Amway.

With more robust enforcement, it would be clearer to consumers that reputable brands like Nutrilite are not part of the issue.

– Michelle Stout, Director of Regulatory Policy and Intelligence at Amway

Being transparent about our products

It’s Nutrilite’s mission to provide high quality supplements. This is why we diligently follow the Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and constantly work toward higher standards.

Plus we grow, harvest, and process plants on our very own certified organic farms. So we always know our supplements contain high-quality ingredients.

Building better regulations and industry standards

Amway supported the action through its membership and seat on the Board of Directors of the Council for Responsible Nutrition, which led the industry in communicating support for the move to the U.S. Congress. Additionally, Stout is an appointed member of the Executive Committee that guides the Council’s positions on supplement regulation and industry standards.

Just the beginning

Still, there is more that could be done to distinguish reputable brands that scrupulously follow the cGMPs and work toward higher standards, as Nutrilite does.

“We need more ability for companies to share with consumers that they have had an FDA inspection for compliance with the Dietary Supplement cGMPs that resulted in no issues,” Stout said.

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