Are you getting enough fiber in your diet?

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Fiber is more necessary to your every day diet than you may be aware of. While most Americans consume about 10 to 15 grams of fiber a day, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), we should all be eating anywhere from 20 to 35 grams of fiber a day.

So, what does fiber really do for us, and how can we get the amount we need?

A breakdown on fiber

Unlike most of the foods that we eat, fiber is not absorbed or digested. It actually passes quickly through your digestive tract, mostly intact, and it is not broken down.

It supports normal gastrointestinal health and regularity, which is important when you’re following a low-calorie or low-fat diet.

Another alluring benefit? Getting adequate fiber can help you feel full and therefore can be a key part of your weight loss program.

It’s hard to get enough fiber from diet


The amount of fiber you need is tied to the number of calories you eat in a day. For healthy adults, the USDA recommends 14 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories consumed. So, a person eating 2,000 calories a day should aim to get 28 grams of fiber daily.

You could hit (and even exceed) that amount by eating the following foods over the course of the day: 1/2 c. oatmeal, 1 small banana, 1/2 c. cooked red or black beans, 1 small apple, 1/2 c. lentils, and 1/2 c. blueberries. Sounds like multiple meals in and of themselves, doesn’t it?

Nutrilite Fiber Powder

A fiber supplement can help

If you aren’t great about remembering to keep your diet filled with fiber-rich foods, a supplement can help. Nutrilite™ Fiber Powder is an easy, taste-free way to make sure you’re getting enough fiber and to compliment your healthy eating and exercise habits.

It contains a unique blend of three natural soluble fiber sources – inulin, maltodextrin and guar gum – which are non-gritty and taste-free, making it super easy to add to any of your favorite foods or drinks.

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