Nutrilite Supplements: Straight Talk About Synthetics

Great health is an investment. And we all know that good nutrition is key. When we choose to use dietary supplements to enhance our nutrition, we want to know we’re getting the best.

That’s why Nutrilite is committed to using phytonutrient-packed, plant-based ingredients — complemented by synthetic sources when needed, to help ensure their quality and effectiveness.

What does that mean?

Nutrilite supplements offer the very best of both worlds:


The Best of Nature

Nutrilite uses natural and naturally sourced ingredients over synthetic ingredients whenever possible.

In fact, we own and operate our own organic farms. So we can ensure that the plants we use are grown to meet our uniquely high standards. And that they’re harvested when key phytonutrients are at their peak.

We use:

  • Organically and sustainably grown plant materials
  • Plant-based concentrates that deliver important nutrients
  • No pesticides or herbicides
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives


The Best of Science

In some Nutrilite supplements, certain synthetic ingredients are used as well, to complement natural ingredients when it is necessary to:

  • Allow for smaller tablet sizes that are easier to swallow, while maintaining their potency
  • Deliver the level of nutrients science tells us is best, when those levels are not available from plants alone
  • Maintain freshness and potency throughout their shelf life

Every synthetic ingredient used in Nutrilite products is sourced with the same care and attention from Research & Development and Quality Control as the plant-based ingredients. And they’re designed to be used by the body, just as readily as the plant-based ingredients are on their own.

Did you know? Synthetic ingredients are man-made copies of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. GMOs are genetically modified seeds which produce crops that contain nutritionally non-essential elements.

The Result

Nutrilite delivers the safest, most effective dietary supplements in the world.

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  • mitesh says:

    Hello amway nutrilite, I m mitesh from India, I m having chronic pain in legs particularly in thies nothing is working no painkillers are working, I want to know which nutrilite products will help me? Some Dr’s says it’s lysis lysthesis grade one, some says hamstring tight and some says fibromylegia.
    Please suggest
    Thanks mitesh

    • admin says:

      Hello Mitesh Vithlani!
      It is always advisable to consult with your physician or health care practitioner for medical or nutritional advice. Prescribing any treatment requires a complete analysis of the individual and their condition and should only be done by their primary care physician. Product Labels for all of our Nutrilite Vitamins and Supplements can be located under the Nutritional Information when viewing the product page on his nutritional and ingredient information can be provided to your medical professional to assist in determining your use of the product. All the best!

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